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Michael Edwards, an English ski jumper, was born on December 5, 1963. He was also an Olympian in 1988, and the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping since 1928. Between 1988 and 2001, he held the British ski jumping record.

He also participated in amateur speed skiing, running, and set a stunt jumping world record by jumping over six buses. Taron Egerton portrayed him in the 2016 biographical film Eddie the Eagle.

Let’s take a look at his top 100 inspiring quotes below.

“No matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it, use that as motivation to prove them wrong.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“After finishing my ski jumping career, I returned to school to study law, and now I travel between five and twenty times a year doing after-dinner speaking, motivational talks, appearances, openings, TV and radio shows.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I am the Eagle, and I can fly.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“If you have a dream and ambition, you should pursue it.” You know, you’ll never know unless you try.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’ve never thought of myself as a failure.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“My gold medal was making it to the Olympic Games.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I had no money, no training facilities, no snow, no ski jumps, no trainer, but I still ski jumped for my country – and getting there was my gold medal.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’m a positive person who enjoys having fun and making the most of every day.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“You have to believe that life can deal you some hard knocks; no matter how hard you’re knocked, you have to get up.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“When I was a kid, people kept telling me, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that,’ and I wanted to show them they were wrong.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I wish they would build a ski jump at the Grand Canyon; it would be amazing.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Ski jumping is only 10% physical and 90% mental.” Some people are incapable of doing so. It’s not just the fear at the very top. Going off the top takes a lot of guts, but jumping off the end takes 100 times more courage.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“Ryanair is the only airline I avoid like the plague.” I don’t like it when you book and then have to pay for all of these little extras, and you end up paying more than just flying with British Airways.” Eddie the Eagle’s

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“A little bit of resilience can go a long way.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Remember that James Bond film?” The one where Bond jumps off a cliff, shucks his skis, and parachutes to safety? That’s all I’ve got. That’s what I aspire to be. “A stuntman in a Bond film.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“There are only two kinds of hope in my case: Bob Hope and no hope.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Failures are people who never get off their asses.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Both parents were hardworking and made me do household chores for pocket money.” That taught me the importance of money and instilled in me a strong work ethic.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“Where does it say the Olympics are only for winners?”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I broke my jaw jumping and my back and neck on the way downhill.” This is typical of me.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I have a large chin.” Thick spectacles.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“When I opened a golf course in Atlanta, Georgia, I did a tandem parachute jump.” I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet to land on the first tee, and then I played a couple of holes with Arnold Palmer, the golf legend. That was fantastic.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’ve had an operation on my jaw – I no longer have the big jaw – and an operation on my eyes.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Despite all the obstacles – no money, no training, no skis, no snow – I made my dream a reality.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’d like to show the skeptics that I’m not a clown.” I take my work very seriously. “I aspire to be a good ski jumper with a sense of humor.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth – that’s what ski jumping is all about.” You always prepare for the worst.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“There are so many world-class athletes who are fantastic at their sport, but they’re all so boring.” They don’t talk and are difficult to interview.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I don’t mind when people make fun of me. “I’ve always liked to laugh.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’ve broken my jaw, fractured my skull twice, damaged a kidney, snapped a cruciate ligament in my knee, and broken all kinds of bones.” And I consider myself extremely fortunate that it hasn’t been worse!” Eddie the Eagle’s

“It hasn’t been a bad life, and I know I couldn’t have been a world champion.” All I ever wanted was to do the best I could with what I had, which wasn’t much. That’s what I believe I did.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“Some people thought I wasn’t taking the sport seriously because I was always laughing and having fun, but I loved my skiing and jumping, and I thought, ‘Well, why not have a smile on my face when I’m doing something that I really, really love doing?'”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I earned somewhere around £700,000 in 1988.” Yeah! I was making $10,000 per hour opening shopping malls. Yeah! I once made $65,000 in a single day. In the morning, I opened the Alton Towers fun ride, followed by a commercial in the afternoon and an appearance at a nightclub in the evening. “I made $65k in one day!” Eddie the Eagle’s

33rd in a series of 100 Eddie the Eagle Quotes

“I always say that my first job is in the building trade.” The rest is transitory.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I never imagined that a film would be made about my life when I plummeted to infamy in the Calgary Olympics.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’ll hear on the street, ‘You made the Olympics for me,’ or ‘I love what you represented.’ Only on rare occasions is it said, ‘You were a flop, an also-ran, a loser.'” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I was so broke when I first started competing that I had to tie my helmet with a piece of string.” The string snapped on one jump, and my helmet flew farther than I did. I may have been the first ski jumper ever to be defeated by his equipment.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I was a true amateur who personified the Olympic spirit.” To me, competing was everything.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I want my life to progress.” On the other hand, I can’t say no to offers, especially when the salary for Eddie the Eagle is £50,000 per year.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“Americans are all about ‘Win! Win! Win!’ We don’t care if you win or lose in England. If you do, that’s fantastic, but we appreciate those who don’t.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“Alan Partridge cannot play Eddie the Eagle!”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I would never ask a girl out on the High Street, at a disco, or at school.” But on the slopes, I’d talk to all the girls.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“The majority of people should be given the opportunity to compete in the Olympic Games.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“People aren’t particularly interested in how I appear. They like my personality.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I don’t want to be mistaken for Michael Jackson.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Some people thought I was undermining the sport. No, I don’t believe so. “I was my country’s best and only jumper.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I actually had a lot of issues with my glasses constantly steaming up. I had to carefully train around the limitations imposed by wearing them.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“If you are representing your country in your sport, you should be able to go to the Olympic Games and represent your country in your sport, bringing people together in the interests of sport.” It’s a fantastic Olympic ideal, and I strive to uphold it as much as possible.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I traveled the world because of how people perceived me at the Olympics.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I represented the Olympian who took on a challenge as a sportsman, without a trainer, in a country devoid of mountains and snow.” And I was representing my country within two years.” Eddie the Eagle’s

Eddie the Eagle Quote Number 50 out of 100

“Life is good, and I’m happy, and I’m not sure it would be as good if I’d won in Calgary.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“Jumping takes a lot of guts.” If people criticize, I give them a pair of skis and tell them, ‘Do it yourself then.'” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I want to be remembered as one of the last true Olympians, exemplifying the Olympic spirit.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I have no explanation for my popularity.” I guess I’m just a regular guy, and a lot of people see a little bit of Eddie in themselves.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’d wanted to go to an Olympic Games since I was about seven years old.” I had no idea I’d be ski jumping, but that’s how it turned out.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“By no means were we wealthy. My father was a plasterer who worked long hours; I rarely saw him as a child. He had always left for work before I woke up, and I was usually in bed before he returned.” Eddie the Eagle’s

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“When I was younger, my mother looked after me full-time, but as soon as I started school, she got a job in an office.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I grew up as a latchkey kid. Every afternoon, I’d walk home from school, let myself in, make a banana buttie, and watch TV until Mum got home.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“People still think I’m a bit of a jerk – not much of an athlete.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“My dentist said that because I couldn’t bite, my teeth were wearing away at the back.” My top jaw was broken and moved forward, while my bottom jaw was broken and returned.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“A lot of people think I’m outgoing and self-assured, but I’m not. I’d rather sit in a corner with my book and newspaper. “I’m quite content with my own business.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I don’t consider myself an entertainer.” That is not where I believe my talents lie. It’s always a little unsettling.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I was never someone who wanted to maintain my celebrity image.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I enjoyed playing Eddie the Eagle, but I also enjoyed playing Michael Edwards, plasterer and general builder.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I was surviving on one loaf of bread per week.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“At the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, I wore No. 24 – one bib on the back and one on the front – and those are like my medals.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“The births of my two daughters were wonderful; I felt proud to have contributed to the creation of new life in this world.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“I’ve despised poetry since I was in elementary school. Shakespeare is one of them. “I don’t get your obsession with him!” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I always know that people will only remember me for my efforts in Calgary, which, to be honest, appear to have kept the name alive.” But I genuinely enjoy law and hope it will take off for me. “I’m going to go for it.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I won’t win a World Cup or the Olympics, but I’m confident I can compete with the best, and that’s what I want to demonstrate.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

Eddie the Eagle Quote Number 70 out of 100

“I always give my all, and I should be given the chance and the right to represent my country.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“The FIS, BSF, and British Olympic Association have all attempted to prevent me from competing internationally.” They don’t like it when I laugh, have fun, and entertain the audience.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I may be a bit of a clown, but I am also a serious sportsman.”

Eddie the Eagle’s

“People seemed to appreciate how much I wanted to pursue something I was passionate about.” They seemed to realize how important ski jumping was to me.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“I apologize if there were some who thought of me as a joke. But I didn’t do it for any other reason than I enjoyed skiing and hoped that by doing so, other people in my country would take up the sport.” Eddie the Eagle’s

“When I was training with the Japanese team, we’d be singing Oasis songs at the top of the jumps at the top of our lungs.” “People thought we were stupid.” Eddie the Eagle’s

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