Top 45 Becky Lynch Quotes

Becky Lynch is the real name of one of the most popular woman wrestlers known through her celebrated name Becky Lynch.  She is from a beautiful city of Ireland known as Limerick and was interested in wrestling since her childhood. Her interest in the subjects that she was reading in a university was empty.

She then began looking into how to get engaged in wrestling. After getting involved in wrestling, she kicks many of her bad habits and became positive. Her popularity quickly grew, which made it easier for her to compete in international wrestling competitions and championships. She took the ring as a result of her perseverance, excitement, and commitment to her job. Additionally, she joined WWE, the largest wrestling ring in the globe.

Here are her top 45 motivational sayings that will serve you.

“I battled to be champion; I wasn’t born to be champion.”

Rebecca Lynch

I immediately said, “Hell yes, I’m going to captain this ship,” when I was chosen for Smackdown. Then I thought, “Oh, wait, you’re losing your best buddy, travel companion, and the person you absolutely love having matches with.” Charlotte is that. She is my closest buddy, and we often travel together. Rebecca Lynch

Sometimes when you’re going through difficulties and struggling, you could start to doubt your ability to succeed.

Rebecca Lynch

“I worked as a flight attendant for a while. I worked as a bartender and resided in New York. Also, I studied both culinary and martial arts. I had a foreign language class. I returned to college to pursue my passion for acting. And I was also performing stunts. Rebecca Lynch

“We’re forever altering the way people view wrestling, particularly women’s wrestling. Forever. And we’re just getting started? That is incredible. That is incredible! Unbelievable.” Rebecca Lynch

“I loved wrestling because it allowed me to be silly, so I studied clown. I researched clown. And I learned about clowning. I actually studied clowns for my thesis. Rebecca Lynch

“When women’s wrestling was friggin’ cool, this was something I always wanted to be a part of, and now it is.”

Rebecca Lynch

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The next stage after the main event is “WrestleMania,” according to the person who wants to make “Smackdown” the brand to watch.

Rebecca Lynch

“Someone warned me that seeing Pearl Jam would be a spiritual experience, and they weren’t wrong. I had never seen them perform live before, despite being a lifelong fan. I couldn’t believe the emotion Eddie Vedder put into each and every song, and his voice is infinitely better live. Rebecca Lynch

In 2006, I gave up wrestling because I felt lost. My mother forbade me from grappling. I was unsure if I would succeed in wrestling after getting hurt during a competition. I was 19. And  I got lost since I was living in Florida far from home. I took a step back because I couldn’t face it. Rebecca Lynch

I told myself when I first joined WWE that I wanted to alter the name “divas” to “ladies.”

Rebecca Lynch

It’s crucial to be true to who you are, accept responsibility for your actions, and speak up when anything is wrong or not like you. It’s a terrific life lesson as well as a lesson in wrestling. Everyone must be honest if they are not feeling what is in their hearts. Rebecca Lynch

“Everyone has something unique about them, and sometimes we attempt to hide it or don’t always want to show it, maybe because that’s how we’ve been taught, or whatever. Simply letting it out, letting it go, and allowing folks in on it will do. Rebecca Lynch

I would love to see Peyton Royce and Billie Kay up here on Smackdown because they are two incredible workers. They are wonderful kids with excellent talent. We’re going to witness incredible things from them with a little momentum. Rebecca Lynch

“My life was dramatically altered. It’s now crazy. It’s kind of changed from striving and wondering and being perplexed and lost to simply feeling like the most blessed person in the world—just thrilled to get up every morning and pleased to board a plane every time. Really, I just couldn’t be happy with life. Rebecca Lynch

When I was 19, I felt like I should have settled down and gotten a real career. So why was I living in a fantasy world?

Rebecca Lynch

“When I was younger, I was reluctant to join WWE because I didn’t conform to the stereotype. I couldn’t relate to the label of “diva.” Although the divas brand was created to highlight the women, I felt more gorgeous than they did. Rebecca Lynch

“I always consider how this would sound in my biography when things are scary or difficult. Because I didn’t have a lot of money, there were times when I would only eat protein drinks or the cheapest meal I could find. Rebecca Lynch

“Especially for social media, being cocky and saying whatever you want makes Twitter or Instagram so much more enjoyable. When you’re a heel, you may be so conceited and absurd. Rebecca Lynch

I adore Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Pac-Man. I would like to leapfrog the Hadouken because Ryu is my all-time favorite character. And I have played “2K17,” but I never really progressed much beyond that. Rebecca Lynch

“Daria from Tough Enough is incredibly distinctive and cool, and Ember Moon is a very talented person. She will receive support from her followers. Asuka is amazing, by the way. Rebecca Lynch

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“Everyone who works for ‘WWE,’ the biggest wrestling organization in the world, should be good wrestlers with interesting tales to tell.”

Rebecca Lynch

“Throughout my entire “WWE” career, I have been working on restoring my confidence. It’s been a very difficult journey. Due to my decision to give up wrestling, there have been occasions when I’ve felt like the prodigal son. Rebecca Lynch

“I am the camp pun champion! I’ve always desired that. I wanted to be the star of the show, but it comes with a lot of responsibility right now. I think I’ll take advantage of this opportunity. And I want to seize the opportunity and let everyone know that this is why I’m the best. Rebecca Lynch

“Ronda Rousey, you know, altering the MMA game? Dana White declared he’d never have a women in the Octagon. When Ronda Rousey shows up, she immediately becomes the main attraction. In my opinion, the UFC ladies are the stars of the show. Rebecca Lynch

“With women uniting and empowering one another, it’s not about being superior to males or anything else. Collaboration, equality, putting more of an emphasis on women’s athletics, and basically treating women equally in every way are the key concepts. Rebecca Lynch

“I began working out, eating a healthy diet, and doing everything I felt would help me. I also started pushing myself academically much more. It really advanced my development and sharpened my attention. Rebecca Lynch

“I’d wake up with this gnawing feeling in my gut that I wasn’t doing what I was intended to do. It was all encompassing and so hard for me to do any lessons or take up any hobbies.”

Rebecca Lynch

The strain of leading a division is there, but I feel prepared for it.

Rebecca Lynch

When I read in Stone Cold’s autobiography that he subsisted on things like raw potatoes, I reasoned that this must be a part of the story. I’m going to act in the same way that wrestlers do. Rebecca Lynch

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“I believe that when you are passionate about something, other people can sense it. Then, since your attention is so focused on that and how to grow better at it, and because you’re so eager to perform, everything comes together. Rebecca Lynch

“When I was a young child, my brother and I used to watch when Macho Man and Hulk Hogan competed. But after that, I took a few years off. Rebecca Lynch

“When I first started wrestling, my primary goal was to tone up. Because I was hanging around with the wrong crowd and wanted to change my life, I learned that a wrestling school had opened in Ireland. Rebecca Lynch

Finding a gym and a breakfast establishment is the first thing I do when I arrive in any area since I enjoy eating breakfast.

Rebecca Lynch

“I believe that Smackdown Live has the greatest women’s division. I do, however, miss Charlotte dearly. She is my favorite opponent to wrestle with. She has the most amazing talent, and she continues getting better. When you have a talent like that, who is constantly improving, it motivates you to do the same. Rebecca Lynch

When I was seven years old, I traveled to New York for the first time during the Christmas season. Over Christmas, my mother, a flight attendant, was assigned to the Transatlantic route, so she accompanied the whole family. Rebecca Lynch

Would you believe that while I lived in Canada, I never attended a hockey game?

Rebecca Lynch

I recall taking a boxing class. When we were sparring, the guy hit me square in the nose, and I remember thinking, “What is this? No, never mind it. Rebecca Lynch

“McGregor is fundamentally a businessman. He certainly enjoys wrestling. Rebecca Lynch

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The plot can be as straightforward as, “We’re just going to be the best, and we’re aiming for the championships,” at other times.

Rebecca Lynch

“I’d want to see more women’s tales running concurrently on a regular basis.”

Rebecca Lynch

You won’t believe this, but I never intended to be a wrestler.

Rebecca Lynch

In Ireland, there were no wrestling schools. It had never before been done. Rebecca Lynch

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“My brother was planning to study wrestling in England, but we later learned that a school was opening in Bray, County Wicklow. I decided to “go along and attempt that.” Rebecca Lynch

My thesis was about clowns. When you’ve got this little red nose on, it’s a strong thing. The smallest mask in the world, but it reveals who you are. You perform these exercises while standing up there, letting your creativity flow. The reality is revealed. Rebecca Lynch

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