Top 85 Antonio Brown Quotes

Antonio Brown is a renowned American football wide receiver and served as a free agent. He was raised in Liberty City, Miami, and joined Miami Norland High School. From that school, he played both football and track. He played at Central Michigan University for college football and won All-American honors in 2008 and 2009 as a punt returner.

He also played for the Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and New England Patriots. He played his best during his career, making him one of the most promising players of all time. Now, proceed to his top 85 quotes that will inspire you to win.

“The journey never ends.” There will always be growth, improvement, and adversity; you just have to take it all in and do what is right, continue to grow, and live in the moment.” Antonio Brown’s

“The color blue represents peace.” The water is blue. I like the color blue because it makes me feel calm. Blue is the patriotic color. “I just like the color blue.” Antonio Brown’s

“Karma is what it is. Life is full of karma. You do the wrong things, and you get the wrong results.” Antonio Brown’s

“Nutrition and training are important, but so are rest and recovery, massages, and acupuncture.” Your body is your temple, and you must care for it.” Antonio Brown’s

“The battle to get better never ends.”

Antonio Brown’s

“You can’t take the path of least resistance if you want to be the best.” Every morning, your mind tells you it’s too early, and your body tells you you’re too tired, but you have to look deep within yourself and know what you want and what you’re striving for.” Antonio Brown’s

“I’m a good person with a good heart and good intentions.”

Antonio Brown’s

“You can always improve. The day you stop improving is the day you should stop living. You have to constantly improve and grow within yourself.” Antonio Brown’s

“It’s easy to get excited and feel unstoppable, but each week brings a new challenge.” Every week, you must work and improve.” Antonio Brown’s

“You have to persuade your fans and the general public to get their teeth cleaned.” It’s known as daily hygiene. You must look after yourself.” Antonio Brown’s

“In high school, I was extremely thin. I was extremely quick and explosive. I just didn’t have a good nutrition plan, and I didn’t realize how important it was to be healthy. I was eating hot fries, potato chips, and Capri Sun in the morning. That was similar to my breakfast. That changed when I started college; I gained 20 pounds of muscle.” Antonio Brown’s

“I feel so sincere and grateful to know where I came from and what I’m doing now.”

Antonio Brown’s

“It’s always a pleasure to interact with others. You never know who you can influence. And I enjoy interacting with the fans, listening to what they have to say and joking with them. Anytime I can reach out online and encourage people, motivate them, and help them become better citizens, that’s what it’s all about, man.” Antonio Brown’s

Antonio Brown Quotes No. 14

“Money means nothing to me. I’ve had my fill. The organization has been extremely generous to me. I’m here to play football, and I want to be known as such.” Antonio Brown’s

“You can’t let negativity get into your head during the game.” It’s not going to be a good day if a guy plays negative on emotion.” Antonio Brown’s

“You become so preoccupied with the future that you lose sight of the present.”

Antonio Brown’s

“The great thing about Snapchat is that your fans can get a detailed view of your life behind the scenes.”

Antonio Brown’s

“No matter what you do in life, you want it to be a success. It is applicable to anyone. You must always strive to improve yourself, no matter where you are.” Antonio Brown’s

“Any opportunity to add more fun to the game is a good opportunity.” “I have a lot of positive energy.” Antonio Brown’s

“I’ll be a Steeler for the rest of my life.”

Antonio Brown’s

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“I have a strong spirit on which I rely and enter. It enables me to plan and move forward.” Antonio Brown’s

“I’m aware that everything I do will be magnified.”

Antonio Brown’s

“There are always winners and losers in a competition.” And I believe everyone is here to win, which adds to the fun.” Antonio Brown’s

“You just have to train hard.” Conditioning is essential, as is recovery. Recovery is just as important as working hard. All of the daily soft-tissue work, all of the things that keep me clean. And you must always be conscious of what you eat and what you put into your body. That is also crucial.” Antonio Brown’s

“I believe things will work out for the betterment of not only myself, but also of the city of Pittsburgh.” I’m extremely grateful to be able to get out in the Pittsburgh community and not only play the game but also have an impact on other people and children, and I’m excited about the entire process.” Antonio Brown’s

“I lift weights four times a week in the offseason and three times a week during the season.” Weight training is important because most guys come in during the summer as strong as they can be and then fade away as the school year begins.” Antonio Brown’s

“I’ve never resisted. In any relationship, I’m a first-rate guy. The first step toward improvement is showing up, so I’ll always show up, do my part, and be prepared to go.” Antonio Brown’s

“It seems like guys no longer want to stop me.”

Antonio Brown’s

“Seeing people taking shots who were on the same team and wearing the same jerseys is a sign of a lack of team camaraderie.”

Antonio Brown’s

“Yeah, I’ve always been a big fan of Chunky Soup.” I’m loving all of the new Chunky Maxx protein-packed flavors. “In particular, black angus beef.” Antonio Brown’s

“I don’t consider myself a small receiver, but you can’t control what others say about you.” It hasn’t slowed me down; in fact, I believe I’ve changed people’s perceptions of smaller receivers.” Antonio Brown’s

“All I want to do is bring energy.” I’m always looking for ways to create a moment. Memories are important to me, and I like to dress for the occasion.” Antonio Brown’s

“Every day, my goal is to improve.” Nobody will ever be able to outwork me. That will always be the case for me. That is not going to change.” Antonio Brown’s

“Holdouts are never good. Take a look at history. It always ends in disaster. It would not be the best choice. I am very wealthy. I arrive at camp in Rolls-Royces.” Antonio Brown’s

“This organization has been nothing but first-rate to me, believing in my talent and skills from the moment I arrived.” And I’m simply here to repay them with my work ethic.” Antonio Brown’s

“Life is all about spreading my love and extending my hand.”

Antonio Brown’s

“Team objectives are always more important than individual objectives.” The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl and accomplish something extraordinary. The other little goals you guys write up, those things take care of themselves while we’re playing football.” Antonio Brown’s

“People have been brainwashed into believing that Italy is the epicenter of luxury manufacturing.” It has to be good if it’s made in Italy. That’s just marketing speak. Wherever you bring it, quality will follow.” Antonio Brown’s

“We’re always rooting for each other to succeed.” And I believe we are all hoping to win. You always want to win, no matter how competitive you are.” Antonio Brown’s

“At the end of each year, I get a blood test to see what’s going on inside my body.” You have to look at what you put into your body, not just what you put on the outside – make sure you get all the supplements, protein, carbs, and low cholesterol.” Antonio Brown’s

“I began playing full-contact football when I was six years old.” My mother actually got me started.” Antonio Brown’s

“I want to be remembered as the guy who, no matter what, always gave his all, always went the hardest and smartest.” “Pray up, God’s inspiration, put in what I get out.” Antonio Brown’s

“The NFL is the only sport in which you can be on a team for five years and not have your contract guaranteed.” You can go through the entire training camp process, and then once the season begins, it’s a week-to-week job where they can cut you at any time or you can get hurt at any time. Other sports aren’t like that.” Antonio Brown’s

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“Being successful in the NFL requires a lot of hard work.”

Antonio Brown’s

“I’ve fought for my life before, sleeping in cars and trying to find a place to sleep.” I’ve been in situations where I didn’t know where to go. This is the simple part. “I triumphed over life.” Antonio Brown’s

“You’re going to get your tail kicked at least once if you play this game long enough.”

Antonio Brown’s

“I play with a lot of great peers in the NFL, and just to be mentioned among them is something special.”

Antonio Brown’s

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“I enjoy experimenting with fashion.”

Antonio Brown’s

“I have to accept responsibility and be a representative not only for the Steelers, but also for myself and my family.” I need to be astute.” Antonio Brown’s

“It’s all about winning as long as we keep winning.” But it’s clear that I need the ball.” Antonio Brown’s

“The NFL does an excellent job of looking after its players.”

Antonio Brown’s

“I always modeled my game after the Miami guys.” Andre Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss As a returner, I used to adore Roscoe Parrish.” Antonio Brown’s

“This isn’t about me. The Steelers are at stake.” Antonio Brown’s

“I try to swim at least once a week.” I basically hold my breath for about 12 laps, down and back, to kind of expand my lungs so that I can breathe better during two-minute drives where you have to play a lot of plays all in one series and you’re hurrying up.” Antonio Brown’s

“I’m devoted to the game.” When you work so hard and a play doesn’t go as planned, you get frustrated.” Antonio Brown’s

“We do a lot of wonderful things, but this is a competitive league.” A lot of great guys surround us and help us elevate our game, which is what makes the NFL so special. We have a lot of competitive players who are the best at what they do in the world, and they all compete against each other.” Antonio Brown’s

“Being overlooked by teams due to my size made me hungry.” I’ve seen a lot of first-round picks who never do anything because they may not appreciate the opportunity because it has been given to them. I believe that because guys who come from the bottom understand how difficult it is, they value opportunities more.” Antonio Brown’s

“This is the NFL. It’s difficult to score touchdowns.” Antonio Brown’s

“I knew as a child that I would bear full responsibility for every decision I made.” So I knew I had to do what was right and protect myself.” Antonio Brown’s

“When everyone else turned away, the only person I could turn to was God within myself, on whom I still rely.”

Antonio Brown’s

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“From the start, I decided to call my company LVL XIII, which stands for Level 13. The number 13 in the brand’s name and concept alludes to the fact that every creation begins at the level of thought and idea throughout history.” Antonio Brown’s

“I want to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States.” To begin, I want to be a part of the initiative to build a manufacturing facility in Atlanta.” Antonio Brown’s

“I discovered that Brazil is a production paradise.” I was able to create my second collection for less money while maintaining quality. More importantly, manufacturing in Brazil aligns with my global initiative to create jobs and empower people in developing countries.” Antonio Brown’s

“Man, it’s so hard in the NFL. You spend an entire week preparing for one opportunity. And once you have that opportunity and are in that moment, it’s an incredible feeling. It’s something to be proud of, something to be enthusiastic about.” Antonio Brown’s

“I probably send out 10 to 12 Snapchats per day.” Spending time with my family or my chef, working out, dressing up, or attending any events. One of my favorites is listening to music in the car. Dancing on occasion. Or simply asking, ‘How’s business?'” Antonio Brown’s

“You have to look after your guys. If a guy underperforms, you fire him. If a guy outperforms, you look after him.” Antonio Brown’s

“My job is to catch the ball no matter how hard, soft, or medium they throw it.” You must be able to catch it.” Antonio Brown’s

“They always say you can’t be the best if you’re not a first-round pick or 6-2. However, there is only one weight class before the draft. This is the National Football League. It all comes down to what you do. I can run past guys and get my work done. “I can do everything that the big guy can.” Antonio Brown’s

“We usually have a rookie show near the end of camp.” It’s an opportunity to get to know the rookies, have fun, and set the tone for the season.” Antonio Brown’s

Aaron Rodgers I like how he scrambles and plays the game – he always makes good decisions with the ball.” Antonio Brown’s

“We’re focused on ourselves, winning our games, and taking care of business.” We’ll let the chips fall where they may.” Antonio Brown’s

“Allowing players to celebrate and get the fans involved and excited improves the game.”

Antonio Brown’s

“I don’t have a problem with any guy. I participate in football. I’m an opponent. We’ll compete and be competitive when we’re on the field. It’s nothing personal between these two. It’s all part of the game.” Antonio Brown’s

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