Top 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

A well-known retired American professional football player is Terry Bradshaw. Terry, an NFL quarterback, was also featured as a sports analyst on television as the co-host of Fox NFL Sunday. He has worked as an actor in numerous television episodes and movies, therefore he is not just a football player. In the film Failure to Launch, he played the lead role.

This multifaceted individual played for 14 seasons with Pittsburgh, where he spent six years and won four Super Bowls. In addition, Terry Bradshaw led the Steelers to eight AFC Central titles and was the first quarterback to win three and four Super Bowls. In 1996, his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame was greatly appreciated.

He is also a fierce competitor and possesses one of the most powerful sources in NFL history. Here are some wise words from Terry Bradshaw that you can reference.

If I had the ability to apologize from my heart for any harsh words and thoughts I have ever had, I would.

Terence Bradshaw

You learn in life that others find your humor to be quite endearing. What do you offer them then? Humor. They don’t like you as much if you show them the other side, though. I’ve discovered that I can fool people into thinking I’m being hilarious while hiding my misery and suffering. Terence Bradshaw

You have no idea how frequently I asked my teammates to assist me in calling plays when we were in the huddle.

Terence Bradshaw

4th of 97 Quotes by Terry Bradshaw

People who see me find it odd that I might be depressed because I’m constantly upbeat.

Terence Bradshaw

“You need to realize that I’m a momma’s boy now. I’m a southerner. My upbringing was completely different from life in a major metropolis. I was a real country boy. Terence Bradshaw

“I told Brian that I thought it was fascinating that individuals from various nations play football when he revealed that he was raised in New Mexico. He gave me some geographical advice but still sat down with me. Terence Bradshaw

I don’t like one-liners. I love a good narrative. Terence Bradshaw

“I adore our country’s anthem.”

Terence Bradshaw

“The serotonin in your brain is out of balance when you’re clinically sad, and it probably always will be out of balance. I therefore take medication to restore the right balance. I’ll likely need to take it for the rest of my life. Terence Bradshaw

I detest making errors while I’m on national television in front of millions of people.

Terence Bradshaw

“You need to take a stand and fight your own fights. You should fight your own fights, my father taught me long ago. The only way to silence everyone is to triumph. Terence Bradshaw

“All great empires perish within.”

Terence Bradshaw

Most athletes are “good ol’ boys,” who take care of their brothers and hide negative behavior. They are members of the “good ol’ boy brotherhood.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I was thinking that women demonstrate their love for their sons in ways that fathers do not.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I do the puzzles to keep my mind sharp and I take memory power boost pills every day to aid me.”

Terence Bradshaw

I didn’t take a forceful hand or insults well, she said.

Terence Bradshaw

“I identify more with Cowher than I do Tomlin. When Cowher arrived from Kansas City as the defensive coordinator, I was aware of his tough teams. Tomlin arrived from Minnesota, and I was completely unfamiliar with him. I may therefore be unjust in drawing the parallel. Terence Bradshaw

“I don’t spend much time relaxing. Due to my ADHD, I must remain active. Terence Bradshaw

“What could possibly go wrong for a quarterback? He starts to doubt himself. Terence Bradshaw

20th of 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

“As a player, being inducted into the Hall of Fame says everything about you. But then again, winning a Super Bowl has its own special appeal. Terence Bradshaw

“I don’t care if a fish weights a half-pound or ten pounds; I just like to catch them. But I’m not very good at casting. A jig or a worm can be worked by me. However, not for long, particularly if the larger fish are biting. After some time, those powerful bass will start to sting. Terence Bradshaw

“I am aware that my name is attached to this golf event, but it is not for me. The Louisiana Tech family is the subject. Being a member of the Bulldog family is the greatest thing. Terence Bradshaw

“I’m not stupid; I may be dumb.”

Terence Bradshaw

People will appreciate you more if you choose the harder route rather than merely playing it safe. We think in that manner. People play more aggressively for you and show you more respect. Play till you lose it. Play it until it moves. Terence Bradshaw

Not all of them are avoidable. I took a lot of beatings throughout the years. But you simply stand up and carry on playing. But I can tell you from personal experience. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Terence Bradshaw

I’ve been in three unhappy marriages, so I understand what it’s like to be replaced. So in a way, it must be how Joey Harrington is feeling right now. It appears to me that a former first-round pick will fail in Detroit. Terence Bradshaw

“Depression is a medical condition.”

Terence Bradshaw

“Emotionally, I just couldn’t recover from my divorce,” the author said.

Terence Bradshaw

My brain clearly isn’t what it used to be, I think.

Terence Bradshaw

When my bell rang while I was a member of the Steelers, I would immediately take smelling salts and return to the field.

Terence Bradshaw

I wasn’t used to receiving criticism.

Terence Bradshaw

I don’t feel embarrassed by who I am.

Terence Bradshaw

“I largely made the decision to write a book because individuals persuaded me to do so.”

Terence Bradshaw

Who would want to read what I have to say, you could ask.

Terence Bradshaw

Bottom line: If you give the ball to a less talented squad, you have effectively raised them to your level.

Terence Bradshaw

Any team can succeed.

Terence Bradshaw

“I was forever damaged when I was called stupid.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I don’t really care where I rank,”

Terence Bradshaw

There’s a business that wants to cover me in hair! I’m positive it’s plugs even though I’m not sure. I chuckled and remarked, “You’ve got to be kidding. Terence Bradshaw

40th out of 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

“I adore speaking in front of groups. It’s what I really enjoy doing. It’s my area of expertise. Terence Bradshaw

I disagree with those who read statements. I immediately assume that you are unable to speak when you read a statement and that it is not true. Terence Bradshaw

“You can’t surround yourself with ‘yes’ people.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I just see too many retirees who promise to take off, travel, and spend time with their families but who are genuinely miserable. Finally, they pass away. People live longer who work, are active, and enjoy what they do. Terence Bradshaw

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“A network’s greatest concern is that viewers become weary of you. Although you haven’t lost any credibility, they have become weary of you. Terence Bradshaw

“My family is the only thing I care about,”

Terence Bradshaw

“Everyone responds to situations differently.”

Terence Bradshaw

“People frequently ask me if I would prefer to continue playing. No. I’m happy I participated at that time. Terence Bradshaw

The nicest thing about any coach is how hard his players work for him.

Terence Bradshaw

“I have a family to which I must answer. I have children, as well as my preachers and aging parents. Terence Bradshaw

“At this point, I don’t really care if I’m accepted. I wish I had shown such attitude sooner. Terence Bradshaw

“I don’t enjoy conflict.”

Terence Bradshaw

“It’s bad if you play in the NFL and start for 10 years. It is not ideal. Terence Bradshaw

“I’m just in a bad line of work where if someone asks me a question, I have to answer it honestly or they won’t respect me,” she said.

Terence Bradshaw

I wish to avoid hurting anyone.

Terence Bradshaw

A negative attitude will destroy your team.

Terence Bradshaw

“Until it’s over, there’s no time off for an athlete.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I’m not concerned about playing in front of 100,000 people. Nothing is there. Terence Bradshaw

Since I was 7 years old, I have been playing football.

Terence Bradshaw

I identify as a Christian. That and everything else have been struggles for me. Terence Bradshaw

60th out of 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

With football, Fox, speeches, riding horses, and raising cattle, I’ve always felt out of place.

Terence Bradshaw

“I’d start with the most crucial quality a quarterback must possess: poise. You are no good if you panic in that pocket. No matter what else is present, you must maintain poise. Terence Bradshaw

“The memory loss occasionally made me anxious.”

Terence Bradshaw

“The fact that I had studied something the previous evening was driving me insane. All it did was exacerbate my anxiousness, which caused everything to suddenly become out of control. Terence Bradshaw

“I seriously began to forget stuff. I stopped quoting numbers because I couldn’t recall them precisely, and I refrained from identifying certain players by name since I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to get it wrong. Terence Bradshaw

“I love playing cards. And I enjoy playing Liverpool Rummy and Rook. I play pool and Pac-Man. Terence Bradshaw

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“I no longer have hair. I got smaller. Also,  I am only 6 feet 2 inches tall. I recently had my teeth corrected because I grind my teeth. Terence Bradshaw

I’m no longer able to run. That was the one activity I truly enjoyed. Additionally, my wrist and back discomfort prevent me from playing golf much at all. Terence Bradshaw

All of my recent football injuries have arthritis.

Terence Bradshaw

“I used to build footballs out of rolls of toilet paper when I first started working for CBS as a color man in the studio.”

Terence Bradshaw

I was so grateful to learn that actors William Shatner and Winkler are actual people.

Terence Bradshaw

“People expressing themselves has never caused me any trouble. It’s one positive aspect of our nation. Terence Bradshaw

“Everyone has the First Amendment rights.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I am a patriotic man,” he said.

Terence Bradshaw

You only need to glance around. This nation is deteriorating from inside and becoming more and more morally repugnant. Terence Bradshaw

What does it imply that you practice religion? Everyone practices religion. Terence Bradshaw

“We cannot discuss Jesus. That is off limits at this time. Terence Bradshaw

“I won’t be afraid to speak my thoughts, and I don’t care if I get fired.”

Terence Bradshaw

“I wouldn’t bench Dak Prescott,” I said. I wouldn’t have an issue with it at all if I continued to start him. Terence Bradshaw

79th out of 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

“I became quite agitated because I was frustrated that I couldn’t remember things. I was going crazy over it. Terence Bradshaw

“I had testing to determine the state of my brain. Furthermore, it’s not in great condition. Terence Bradshaw

I misplace stuff. I make mistakes. When I enter a room, I ask myself, “Why am I here? Why did I enter this room? Is this typical? I’m 65. I’m not sure. Terence Bradshaw

I have always looked out for myself.

Terence Bradshaw

“I am aware of my identity and my heart. And i am aware of what the Lord demands. I am aware of the behavior expected of a Christian, yet you cannot display it. Terence Bradshaw

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“Just everything I’ve done, everything I do, all big decisions are made through prayer to this day – all my deeds, despite a sinner, but you know what? That’s okay with me. Terence Bradshaw

One of the challenges of being a Christian is having to deal with our mistakes and the associated shame.

Terence Bradshaw

“I long for my coach. My coach is great. I long for Chuck Noll. Terence Bradshaw

The city of Washington, D.C., is one of my favorites.

Terence Bradshaw

“Ignore politicians and their agendas and everything; you may choose anybody you want to choose, but the Nixon guy was the one I liked… The man was intelligent. Terence Bradshaw

“I made a record titled ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’. I sang the song on “Hee Haw. Terence Bradshaw

90th out of 97 quotes by Terry Bradshaw

“My mother would be thrilled if I moved back since she adores her boys to pieces. 12 lads. She gives us all a shower. There would be no issue. She wished we were back in the house. Terence Bradshaw

I didn’t have a strong bond with any of my teammates. I was unsuccessful in finding a best buddy. We don’t communicate often. They are everywhere in the nation, but I don’t wish to keep in touch. Terence Bradshaw

You can’t live in the past, she said.

Terence Bradshaw

Football is a fantastic sport, but it’s also violent, which is why we all adore it. At the age of seven, I had already decided it was what I wanted to do with my life and didn’t give a damn if I got harmed. We know what we checked in for. Terence Bradshaw

Lawsuits compel you to feel. The PR, in my opinion, makes you care. Do I believe they cared about me when I left in 1983, though? No.” Terence Bradshaw

I’m learning how to keep my brain from growing any worse after playing football for a career’s worth of concussions.

Terence Bradshaw

“I am aware of the pain that my late center Mike Webster endured. What many defensive players from my era are going through is something I can only understand. Terence Bradshaw

“I’ve taken a beating my entire career.”

Terence Bradshaw

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