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Kyle Alexander Kuzma is the full name of one of the American professional basketball players who played for the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Lakers. For college basketball, he played for the Utah Utes and got selected with the 27th overall pick by the Brooklyn Nets.

In addition, he was chosen to the NBA All-Rookie First Team. Visit the top 99 quotes by this basketball legend that will inspire you to be positive.

“I don’t go to shopping centers.” I’ve always been a straightforward individual. I hang out and exercise. That’s what I find entertaining.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“That’s something I strive to be proud of: not changing things up.” Just being myself and having people love or loathe me for it.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“There will always be obstacles and people who doubt you.” So it’s about proving people wrong, bettering yourself, and striving to be the best version of yourself.” ―, Kuzma, Kyle

“After college, I scrutinized every single shot I took.” Almost every shot in my sophomore and junior years, I just watched my form. I observed how I shot it from three and realized I was a really erratic shooter.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I have a blue-collar mindset.” I’ve always played with a chip on my shoulder and a desire to develop.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Many people believe that it requires millions of dollars to give back or inspire, but simply showing up matters a lot.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

Kyle Kuzma Quotes #7 of 99

“Many individuals have a great work ethic because they desire the lifestyle or the money, but I have a strong work ethic because I love the game.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Sure, there’s a lot of hatred, but basketball is so important in my town.” Flint has a rich basketball tradition.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“It’s difficult to win on the road, you know… At the end of the day, winning on the road is difficult.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I can be as expressive as I want now that the NBA has removed restrictions on the color combinations we can wear on court.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve always been grateful to the YMCA.” Of course, as a child, you don’t really think about it since you’re in your own world. But there was so much back then. I’m going to the YMCA to hang out, play games all day, and play basketball.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“It’s a great feeling when people recognize you, but you have to take it with a grain of salt and keep working so you can get better, because people can change on you and thoughts can change.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“All I want is to be a complete player.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve always guarded peripheral players. I feel more at ease guarding guys off the screen. It keeps me focused and engaged in the game.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve never been much of a numbers guy… Sure, I enjoy scoring… But the most important thing for me is to win.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“All of the top guys are complete players, and if I’m not, I’m not going.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“There will be folks who are high on you one day and down on you the next. “All I have to do is keep my cool and keep working.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I can do pretty much anything I want when I’m locked in and concentrated.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I believe I can provide versatility to the NBA.” I believe the NBA is moving toward four players who can pass, dribble, shoot, rebound, and defend. I believe I can achieve all of that and bring it to the highest level.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“It’s one thing to talk to a veteran about something, but when you talk to a fellow rookie who is going through the same challenges you are, you kind of grasp it – and you grow together like that.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Flint is a large and industrial city.” But while I was growing up, there was a recession, lead in the water, and all sorts of other problems. The city had been severely depleted.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’d like to clean up my handle.” Make yourself stronger. Those are the things that will be beneficial to me in the long run.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I have a strong attachment to the game.” My mother would always drop me off at the YMCA in downtown Flint, where I would spend the entire day. If she couldn’t take me, I’d ride the bus there and wait until she got off work to pick me up. I’ve always had the love for basketball.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve always been a self-motivated guy for basketball.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Until you’re a rookie, you don’t know what NBA game shape is.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Being in the weight room has helped me. Defensively, it helps because I’m not getting backed down easily. My legs are stronger, so I can move my feet better.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I never really had role models or guys in the NBA to show me the ropes or be a friend, mentor to me like that.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve got an opportunity to be truly special.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

29th of 99 Kyle Kuzma Quotes

“I just want to be one of the greatest players to play. That’s my mind set. That’s how I approach the game.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“You’ve got to be the anchor of the defense at that five position. Call out pick-and-rolls, screens. The five is usually around the rim, so you see everything.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“You can have a strong work ethic. Yes, that’s going to take you far. But I think if you have a solid work ethic and a desire, that’s different.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“My buddies, they all say that I’m turning Hollywood. Big-time. And I want to be that. I want to be a guy who’s bigger than what they say. You look at Kobe. Michael Jordan. Somebody like Michael Jackson. Those men are bigger than life. I strive to be that.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Going into a new school, you don’t want to be the new kid and be quiet and bashful. You want to stand out. You want people to know who you are in that school. I think that also benefited me growing up. I always wanted people to know me throughout the school.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve got the same mentality every time I foot on the floor – play my hardest and just be locked in.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

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“People don’t truly appreciate how essential our voices are. I think there’s a lot of athletes that don’t use their power that really should.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m really seeking to facilitate, find my teammates.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Can’t blame the coaching staff for everything. It’s mutual, of course. Players mess up, coaches botch up.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“In our society, social media’s so big in our life. It’s all over the place.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“ESPN throws out anything for clicks now, it kind of seems like.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m more off ball, catch and go, spot-ups, cutting.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m a competitive person.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Mom was always anxious about the rent.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Any time you have any type of record in any record book, especially with the Lakers, it is extremely special.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Every day’s a challenge. You learn every single day.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“NBA’s spacing’s certainly helped. Teams gotta really respect my jumper.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m a mismatch at the four, so a lot of times, I have slower players on me, and I can use that.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Every time I’m on the court, I think I’m the best player. That’s the mind-set a lot of athletes should have.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I developed a lot of confidence in myself.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I just try to play the proper way.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

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“I always said if I had a platform to talk, I am going to speak. I feel it is simply vital, not only for African American-related topics but world stuff in general.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I am always a woke person, know about stuff, always feel a particular type of way.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I can be pretty much anything I want.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’ve simply always played with a big chip on my shoulder, and it keeps motivating me.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“It was amazing to be in the gym with Kobe. He’s very fussy about the game and… why and how things operate. That’s one thing I kind of appreciate about him. If you ask him something, he’s going to tell you A, B, C, and D, and how it influences each play.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Everybody is going to have difficult shooting nights. It’s natural.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“As a kid, I always adored sneakers and style.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“When I joined the Lakers and went to L.A., I started getting more serious about collecting sneakers and dressing from the feet up.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“There are unlimited possibilities for what I can wear on and off the court.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“LeBron is a role model in that regard. Because for him to be as good as he is and as high up he is on the totem pole, to still care about Akron, Ohio, that is tremendous and speaks volumes.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“In high school, AAU, even prep school, I didn’t really know how to play basketball. It was basically of like, ‘Let’s throw the balls out, go get buckets, just score, and go play.’” Kyle Kuzma’s

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“Once I arrived to college, I didn’t know defensive rotations; my footwork was terrible. I used to travel every other play.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“You know how you’re in elementary school and the instructor goes around the room and, like, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I said, ‘NBA player.’ And she’s like, ‘Well, OK. Maybe pick a real job.’ But I genuinely believed it. I felt like I was destined to be here.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“A lot of rookies don’t come into the league and have that type of leeway that Coach Walton and his staff truly provided me.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

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“Every team has challenges. Championship teams have problems and whatnot.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m the 27th choice — not too many people thought I was going play the way I am. It’s just a testimonial to having confidence and work ethic and believing in yourself and keeping the marathon going.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Growing up, I was always the kid that kinda watched All-Star Weekend on TV, every event.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Every single year, there’s gonna be something else that people say I can’t do or that you can’t do in general. And it’s your job to prove them wrong.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I put a lot of work into my game every single day.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I don’t want to be one of those men who makes it there and forgets where they come from. Flint is very important to me.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“My favorite commentator, NBA-wise, is definitely Doris Burke.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I just try to be a regular dude.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I went to school at the University of Utah, and they had outstanding facilities and coaches that helped me grow and mature as a person.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I always tried to be an all-around player. In college, I felt like I needed to add to my game to get to another level, to get to the NBA. The NBA has truly gone to positionless basketball, so it was really vital to me to have an all-around game so I could stand out in front of other guys.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“People imagine that, as an NBA star, you can have access to any kind of sneaker you want, whereas in reality, it’s hard to get the exclusive releases or shoes from the past and feel confident they’re authentic.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Everybody wants to be a starter, and I feel like I’m a starter in this league, but I can’t necessarily control that.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“It doesn’t take much to give back.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Utah is a really special place for me. It helped me a lot.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Coming from Flint, I was pretty immature on the court and off the court.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m just comfy all over the floor.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I was a small kid, and the YMCA was my second home, where my mom was dropping me there for seven, eight hours. I’d spend the day doing what I love: hoop.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I like being on the floor, and I truly love watching basketball, women’s basketball, whatever it is.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Everyone predicted I would be a second-round pick or undrafted man — that’s all I heard coming to the draft – but I had a higher faith. I knew I was lot better than that, better than how others pegged me.” Kyle Kuzma’s

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“I’m talented, but my work ethic has pushed me over the top.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“Growing up, I was a Detroit Pistons fan, being from Flint. During not the Bad Boys but Chauncey Billups and Ben Wallace period, and growing up, I always wanted to be a Piston.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Lifestyle-wise, like L.A. in general, Utah is extremely conservative, very laid back, and L.A. is nothing like that.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“It’s cool to be a Laker: that’s basketball aristocracy, in a sense. The best club in basketball, so to be drafted by them is really cool, pretty special.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Flint is an extremely tough place to live. The setting is obviously a distinct type of environment than anywhere else in the country, I feel like.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Being from Flint, especially in the basketball culture, is a big deal. Basketball in Flint, you’re pretty much like a god there if you play college basketball or are lucky enough to make it to the NBA.” Kyle Kuzma’s

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“I’m just incredibly confident at all times. I’ve always been like that, no matter who’s guarding me or who I’m on the floor with.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m always confident, always expect great standards for myself.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“It’s incredibly significant, especially in the basketball culture. We like our fashion. Coming into the NBA, you definitely have to step it up because you’re competing on and off the field. Not only on the floor, basketball-wise, but a lot of us take pride in our style, too.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“People truly don’t watch TV no longer – it’s all about social media. I think it’s a terrific platform for showing off your brand, who you are, communicating with fans, interacting with people in general.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“There’s not too many tough guys that actually talk trash in the NBA.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“I’m very sensitive of how I’m presented and my type of reputation.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

“My mom did so much for us, working two jobs, driving us where we needed to go and a million other things. She showed me the importance of hard effort and sacrifice.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“I was enthusiastic about going to the Lakers since they are perhaps the biggest brand in basketball.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

97th of 99 Kyle Kuzma Quotes

“I wanted to tour the world and discover life. I wanted to have more to life than Flint.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“On draft day, I wasn’t really nervous at all. Then you turn on the draft, the first five picks go by, and then you keep thinking, ‘Oh man, I don’t know where I’m going to go.’ It’s really just, by the time draft hits, that’s when you feel nervous.” Kyle Kuzma’s

“Really, every time I upload something, it becomes viral.”

Kyle Kuzma’s

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