Torey Krug

Not many players can perform their showmanship in the National Hockey League (NHL). But Torey Krug is one of the most successful players who currently play in the NHL.

Torey Krug is a professional American ice hockey player who once played as a defenseman for the mighty Boston Bruins. He is regarded as one of the best defensemen currently playing in the National Hockey League.

Further, Krug is currently playing for St. Louis Blues in the NHL. Torey achieved his success through his hard work and passion for ice hockey from his childhood.

2012 Central Collegiate Hockey Association awards winner Krug also has a considerable fanbase in America and Canada. Additionally, he is the finalist of the Hobey Baker Award.

Much more information is yet to be revealed about this player, so keep scrolling down to read more about him. But before reading Torey’s bio, let’s dive into his quick facts:

Torey Krug | Quick Facts

Full Name Torey Krug
Date of Birth April 12, 1991
Birth Place Livonia, Michigan, United States
Nick Name Torey, TK47
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Aeries
Age 31 years old
Height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight 84 kg (185 lbs.)
Hair Color Reddish Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build Athletic
Father’s Name Kyle Krug, also known as Coach Kyle
Mother’s Name Cheryl Krug
Education Michigan State University
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Melanie Flood
Kids One; Saylor
Profession Ice Hockey Player
Position Defenseman
Affiliation National Hockey League (NHL)

United States Hockey League (USHL)

Plays for St. Louis Blues
American Tournaments Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament in 2009

Western Hockey League (WHL)

United States Hockey League (UHL)

International Tournaments Ice Hockey World Championships, representing the U.S.
Active since 2003
Honors All- CCHA Rookie Team (2010)

All-CCHA First Team (2011, 2012)

CCHA Best Offensive Defenseman (2011, 2012)

CCHA Player of The Year (2012)

NHL All-Rookie Team (2014)

Contract with St. Louis Blues A seven-year contract with the team in $45.5 million
Net Worth $27.6 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Merch Autographed Items, Jersey, Bruins Jersey, Gloves, Signed Jersey, Rookie Card
Last Update July, 2022

Parents, childhood, and education

On April 12, 1991, Torey Krug was born in Livonia, Michigan, in the United States. His parents are Kyle and Cheryl Krug.

The three brothers of Krug are Matt, Adam, and Zack. His three brothers are also professional athletes, just like Torey. Matt, his brother, was a hockey player for Wayne State and Robert Morris Universities.

Adam, his brother, represented Adrian College in hockey. Zack, however, has different taste. At Siena Heights University in Michigan, he participates in volleyball.

His parents’ occupations and living arrangements are not well known. However, Krug’s parents are frequently seen watching him play.

Torey credits his father, Kyle, as the motivator behind his decision to take up ice hockey. He has always admired Kyle’s commitment to his gaming.

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Krug completed his primary education at a school in Livonia. He then enrolled in the finance program at the university to complete his degree requirements. But soon Krug began to become interested in political science.

He finished his Political Science degree in 2017 while participating in the NHL. Fans of Torrey applauded him for his zealous pursuit of finishing the degree.

He finished his education with good grades despite his demanding gaming schedule.

Tattoos, Age, Height, and Weight

29 years of age is Krug. He is in excellent condition and weighs approximately 84 kg. Krug therefore doesn’t require medical care, but he frequently conducts preventative diagnostic.

Torey stands at 5 feet 9 inches. He is a beast because of his height and weight, which give him an added advantage. Torey shoots on the left side, hence his left hand is significantly stronger than his right.

Krug is a tattoo enthusiast. Notably, he enjoys getting tattoos on his hand. Torey, though, also recently got a tattoo on his back.

Career | Torey Krug

From the first day of school, Krug began playing ice hockey. His father assisted him in his training because he had a strong interest in and enthusiasm for the sport.

After some time, he was chosen to play for the minor league ice hockey team Detroit Honeybaked. Krug then had the opportunity to participate in the 2003 Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament.

Krug later joined the Michigan Belle Tire midget program. There, he was also successful. After that, Indiana Ice came over to invite him to join their team.

Torey scored 47 points while playing in the United States Hockey League (USHL).

In the USHL’s 2008–09 season, Krug holds the record for the most points scored by a defenseman. Additionally, Torey participated in the 13 Clark Cup playoffs and contributed seven points to the cause.

University of Michigan State

In Indiana Ice, Krug did not pause. In 2009, he began attending Michigan State University. Sadly, Krug was the group’s fifth defenseman. But after a year, he continued to play well, and fans elected him to receive accolades from the Central Collegiate Hockey Association.

Torey played in 38 games in all, tallying three goals and 18 assists. He also assisted all of the defensemen on the club in scoring goals.

Later, throughout the course of two seasons, Torey notched 23 goals and made 39 assists. He led all CCHA defensemen in scoring. He is the second defenseman in league-winning match history to score a goal.

Bruins of Boston

Torey made the decision to join the Michigan State University squad in 2012 after performing admirably there. However, he didn’t have a salary or any signings at initially. Krug had to play for no money because of this.

Torey pleased the Boston Bruins coach by playing an average of 17 minutes per game. He became the first player to ever score goals in two postseason games during the 2012–13 season.

Krug continued after that. He gave the team six assists in addition to his four goals scored. The coach was impressed with his performance and opted to assign him as a full-time player.

In addition, Torey contributed 26 assists and 14 goals in 2014. His performance was the greatest he’d ever had in the NHL. In addition, the team hired him in 2016 and gave him a $4 million annual salary.

Krug tallied a record-breaking 40 assists during the 2014–15 season. It hasn’t lost to the Bruins since that time. Additionally, Torey was able to maintain a positive working connection with another defenseman, Brandon Carlo, who is currently a member of the Bruins.

Krug was a member of the squad till 2020. As I was leaving for another club, it was a depressing time. The Boston Bruins made the decision to honor his commitment particularly.

Missouri Blues

The St. Louis Blues declared in 2020 that they will sign Torey Krug to a seven-year contract. It was fantastic and generated a lot of talk online, particularly on Twitter.

You look fantastic in blue. #stlblues from @ToreyKrug

— St. Louis Blues on October 23, 2020 (@StLouisBlues).

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, Torey hasn’t had the opportunity to play for the club. The NHL is starting a new season, though. We can only hope that we’ll get to see him play in a new uniform.

In addition to his club career, Torey represented the United States of America in ice hockey in 2015. He competed for his country in the Ice Hockey World Championship.

The United States finished third in the competition. Torey led the team with two goals and three assists.

Advanced Stats and Career Stats

Team (RS) GP G A Pts PIM (PO) GP G A Pts PIM
NHL Totals 578 69 304 373 251 79 11 43 54 48

RS – Regular Season, PO- Playoffs

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Powerplay | Tory Krug

It is no secret that Torey Krug is one of the league’s most effective players on the powerplay.

Krug’s 11.2 powerplay scores over replacement are second among defenseman over the last three seasons, according to Evolving Hockey.

In other words, Krug’s importance to the man position cannot be readily replaced. We are aware of that, though. The true puzzle then is how he accomplishes it.

Every NHL team now utilizes a 1-3-1 powerplay in some capacity.

The Bruins don’t stand out. On the Bruins’ top powerplay unit, Torey Krug serves as the “point man.” Torey Krug’s off-wing activation is what makes him unique.

Starting along the right side has two distinct advantages. The main advantage is that Krug will be less strict about accepting one-timers.

At 5v4 last period, Krug caught 6.85 one-timers per 60 minutes, ranking third on the Bruins and best among left-handed Bruins.

Although Krug is a somewhat more active shooter than other players of a comparable caliber, his goal-scoring ability is not the most important contribution he makes to the Bruins’ powerplay.

Krug is 35th in shot attempts per hour among the 100 defensemen who have played 150 minutes at 5v4 over the last three seasons but 22nd in goals per hour.

Additionally, by activating the right side, passing lanes can be created.

The final pass constructed before a shot is a basic shot assist.

Over the course of the 2018–19 season, Torey Krug finished second on the team after Marchand with 96 of them at 5v4. 10 of them made a right side crossing of the royal road.

Torey Krug | Family, Personal Life, and Wife

Krug is a husband. On July 5, 2013, he married Melanie Flood, his college sweetheart. Melanie recalls, “On my birthday, Torrey took me to a theme park in New York and proposed to me. There was no opportunity to ignore him.

The pair is happy. There are no rumors about their divorce or other relationships. Saylor, a baby girl, was recently blessed on the couple in 2019!

? Dad!

#NHLBruins @ToreyKrug

— Boston Bruins on September 28, 2019 (@NHLBruins)

Unfortunately, Krug did not have much time for his daughter, so Melanie included her in his game. He commented, “That was special to me,” after seeing her in court. For a while now, I’ve been envious of my teammates since they get to visit their kids while we warm up.

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In addition, Torey has a gorgeous dog that he adores dearly. As if he were his child, Krug raises him. Additionally, Torey enjoys fishing. So, on weekends and holidays, he packs his bag and heads to the sea.

Salary and Asset Value

Torey was acquired by the Boston Bruins in 2016 for $21 million. Later, in 2020, Torey was signed by the St. Louis Blues for a staggering $45.5 million over seven years.

Additionally, he easily gets more money than every other NHL defenseman. One of the NHL’s highest-paid defensemen is Krug.

So, after totaling everything up, Torey’s net worth comes to $27.6 million.

Additionally, Torey sells his goods under the brand TK47. also produces advertising for global brands. Television network Ispot supports him. He also receives decent compensation from commercials.

In terms of primary assists per hour, Krug is fifth among defenseman who have played 150 minutes of 5v4 over the past three seasons. His awareness and mobility enable him to produce goal-scoring passes and shoots.

Even Strength by Torrey Krug

Krug utilizes his skill set fairly independently from the human resources at even strength, particularly in 5v5.

Krug transitions into a puck-moving defenseman who is a volume shooter at 5v5 before leveraging his flow and inventiveness to develop high-quality prospects.

Nobody could have predicted a defenseman of Krug’s level to be as focused as he is. The amount of time he redistributes the puck after accepting a pass at the point is an effective strategy for this.

Seven Bruins defenseman who have spent the most time on the ice this season collectively pass the puck after receiving a pass at the point 25% of the time.

At 22%, Krug is somewhat below the national average. The image becomes clearer when you compare it to McAvoy, who redistributed the puck 42% of the time.

This undoubtedly contributed to Krug’s 7.6 percent on-ice shooting rate compared to McAvoy’s 9.7 percent.

The best defenceman for the Bruins at leaving the defensive zone and entering the offensive one is reportedly Torey Krug.

Social Media Accounts of Torey Krug

Krug has social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His biography can be found on his personal website, which he also owns.

Krug is a straightforward individual. Through his Twitter account, he frequently shares memes. On Twitter, Tory interacts with his followers frequently.

On Instagram, the narrative is distinct. Krug’s personal life is visible there, along with posts about his wife and daughter.

But since 2016, Torey has not used his Facebook account. It does not speak. Why he doesn’t prefer Facebook is unknown. Additionally, he has a sizable Facebook fan base.

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Some Queries about Torey Krug

Where does Torey Krug live?

Torey Krug permanently lives in Royal Oak, Michigan, United States. But he has to travel with his team to different parts of North America.

Is Torey Krug a free agent?

Yes, after leaving Bruins, Krug became a free agent. After that, he signed with the St. Louis Blues.

What position is Torey Krug?

Krug is a defenseman in the NHL. Despite being a defenseman, he has also scored many goals.

When did Torey Krug join the Blues?

Torey joined the St. Louis Blues on October 9, 2020. Before that, he played for Boston Bruins for eight years.