Tori Moore

Quick Fact

Full name Tori Moore
NickName Tori
Birthdate June 6, 1996
Birthplace Brea, California, USA
Residence Austin
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Horoscope Gemini
Age 26 years old
Father’s name Daniel Moore
Mother’s name Rosina Moore
Sibling 2
Sibling Name Ryan and Evan Moore
College The University of Arizona
Sexual Preference Straight
Marital status Married
Husband Nick Foles
Children 2
Children Name Lily James and Duke Nathan Foles
Height 182cm
Weight 142lbs
Body Measurement (33-28-36) inches
Eye Color Dark-Brown
Hair Color Brown
Profession Volley-Ball Player
Net Worth $1 million
Social Media Instagram
Favorite Place USA
Merch of Nick Foles Signed ballPlaque
Last Update September, 2022

Nick Foles, an American football player for the National Football League, is married to Tori Moore (NFL).

Since Moore played volleyball while attending the “College of Arizona,” she is no stranger to athletics.

Fascinatingly, Moore and Foles met while attending the same university in Arizona. Tori continues to be Foles’ fantastic go-to person for assistance both on and off the football field.

Tori also mentions appearances with her well-known husband. In 2018, Tori attended the ESPY Awards in the Los Angeles Microsoft Theater.

Tori is a successful independent lady who currently works as a housewife and takes excellent care of her family.

What is the Physical Measurement of Tori More?

Moore is an American citizen, a Gemini by birth sign, and a member of the Caucasian race.

Tori More is a well-known figure with slim, beautiful looks that are attractive to everyone. Tori is a brunette with dark brown eyes and brown hair, and her body measurements are (33-28-36) inches.

He maintains her weight at 142 pounds by going to the gym frequently and practicing regular meditation to keep her mind healthy.

Moore, who is 182 cm tall and the mother of two kids, is still rather attractive overall.

Early Life of Tori Moore:

Tori Moore was born to Rosina and Daniel Moore in Brea, California, on June 6, 1990.

Ryan and Evan James, two of Tori’s siblings, are also living with her parents. Despite the fact that their schedules prevented them from routinely getting together, she had close ties to her brothers.

At “Brea Olinda High School,” where she played volleyball and studied, was Nick’s wife.

Moore attended the “College of Arizona” after finishing secondary school in 2008, where she played professional volleyball. Tori first met her future husband, Nick Foles, during her study year. They are currently the happiest couple.

Nick’s wife was always very honest about her life; she was active in sports and afterwards worked in business.

How did He Start His Career?

Moore began playing volleyball professionally at a young age and has since continued to do so in college.

Under Dave Hollaway’s guidance, Nick’s wife prepared and received the “Most Valuable Player” (MVP) award during her second year. Tori participated in 18 games in 2011, during which she contributed 25 assists and 4 digs.

Nick-Foles-Super Bowl-Moment Source:(Instagram Image)

However, Moore gave up playing volleyball after landing a job with the cutting-edge marketing division of the well-known shoe manufacturer Nike.

Moore, who was employed by Nike and held a reputable position, quit her job after being ill while making a nice salary.

What is the Relationship status of Tori Moore?

Nick Foles, a quarterback for the Chicago Bears in professional football, and Tori are blissfully married.

The better half of Nicole Foles is preoccupied with looking after her family, which includes two infants. Lily James Foles, born in 2017, and Duke Nathan James, born on June 19, 2020, are two of Tori’s adorable children.

Tori-Moore-With-Family Source: (Instagram Image)

Moore currently resides in Austin, Texas, in the United States, where she and her family lead opulent lives.

Tori participates in her time spent with the family, regularly cheers on her better half, Nicole, in his games, and is a die-hard Eagles supporter.

Tori is a driven woman who is determined to succeed, yet she must leave her job due to health reasons, and she is not upset about it.

He and Foles are fervent Christians. Moore acknowledges with assurance, expectancy, and trust that God has assisted her in overcoming “POTS.”

Moore and Foles also support a worthwhile cause. In 2016, they donated $250,000 USD to the “College of Arizona” athletic department.

Fighting With POTS

Moore was diagnosed with POTS in 2013 while working for Nike in Portland, Oregon, according to doctors.

Since her situation is unique, a crucial aspect of her struggle had to be carefully examined. At first, it was thought that the instability was brought on by an infection, and Tori was diagnosed with “Lyme Disease.”

‘Recovering As We Go,’ a now-dated blog entry by Tori, detailed her struggle. Nick Foles was fortunately always nearby for her. Nick proposed to Tori while he was at the “Mayo Clinic” in 2014.

In 2018, Moore and Foles spoke at the annual conference of a non-profit organization called “Dysautonomia International,” which is tasked with promoting research on “POTS.”

How did Tori & Nick Foles get to know each other?

In time for the 2008 first-year recruit recruiting season, Nick Foles transferred from Michigan State to the University of Arizona. Nick finished fifth overall among Division I FBS players and first in the Pac-12 Conference while playing for the Wildcats.

Tori Moore, an Arizona volleyball player and individual understudy competitor, was introduced to Nick. In high school, Tori served as group leader and was honored as MVP. On his first day at Arizona, Moore was getting a football physical when Foles ran into him.

In his head, Nick mused, “Goodness, this could be the most perfect person I’ve ever met.”

After graduating in 2011, they began dating because he had a strong intuition that they would end up together.

They were together for almost three years before getting married in 2014.

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Detail of Nick Foles

In 2007, Foles left Westlake High School and initially enrolled at Michigan State to play football. He transferred to the University of Arizona a year later. Nick was chosen by the Eagles in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft after finishing school.

Foles has hinted that he may desire to become a pastor in addition to playing football. He is currently working toward his certification through the online course offered by the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University.

At a question-and-answer session following the game, Nick said, “I’m thankful that I decided to return and play.” This was after his team had won the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl champion, Super Ball MVP, and Pro Bowl offensive MVP is Nick (born January 20, 1989).

Nick has set numerous milestones throughout his career, including the NFL record of seven passing touchdowns in a game, the most passing touchdowns with a perfect passer rating, and many others.

The 33-year-old quarterback, who spent a considerable amount of time in the NFL and experienced both highs and lows, is currently one of the most talked-about players in the league.

The most amazing thing about Nick, however, isn’t just his remarkable comeback as a competitor.

Nick’s income is $6 million, while his net worth is reported to be over $15 million.

Social Media

Nick is active on social media and displays posts about his family, friends, and way of life.

If you’re a fan of Nick, follow him on social media; the link to his performance is below.

Twitter: @nickfoles

@NickFoles on Twitter

Brothers of Tori Moore.

Evan and Ryan Moore are Tori’s brothers; Evan plays football for the NFL, and Nick and Evan have always been close friends.

For the readers’ information, a quick description of Evan, Tori’s brother, is provided below.

Evan Moore

On January 3, 1984, in Brea, California, the United States of America, Tori’s brother was born.

Evan had a talent for football from a young age, and he wanted to play professionally as a career.

Tori-Moore-Brother-Evan-Moore Source: (Instagram Image)

Former tight end for the National Football League in American football, Evan James Moore is now a TV football analyst.

Evan was endorsed by the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted free specialist out of Stanford University in 2008. At Stanford, he competed in both school football and basketball.

Social Media

Although Tori uses social media, she is not very active because she prefers to keep her private life hidden.

Tori is similarly preoccupied with her family and her nonprofit organization. She doesn’t enjoy doing much internet browsing because of this.

Despite Moore’s lack of online activity, Tori maintains a social media presence under the handle @torifoles on Instagram.

How was the Networth Value of Tori Moore?

In relation to the nuances around Nicole Foles’ better half’s net worth, she hasn’t said much.

In any case, it becomes clear that Tori has a sizable amount of fortune in her bank account.

However, it is estimated that Nicole Foles’ spouse has total solid assets of around $1 million, which she has accumulated via her employment and volleyball profession.

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