Trae Young led Atlanta Hawks to 3-1 series lead over the Knicks

The Atlanta Hawks held a 2-1 lead over the New York Knicks in Game 4 of their best-of-seven series.

The Hawks are now just one win away from advancing to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

On Sunday afternoon at State Farm Arena, they defeated the Knicks 113-96.

On defense, the Knicks were unable to contain Hawks star Trae Young and other Hawks players.

Trae Young even made a little bit of history by winning the Game.

Game 4 began with both teams going head to head and refusing to let the other team take a larger lead.

However, the Hawks began to pick up the pace after the second quarter.

As a result, dominated the Knicks in the second half and eventually won.

In the first quarter, the Knicks took the lead.

For the Hawks, Trae Young opened the first quarter with a floater.

On the next possession, Derrick Rose responded with a floater as well.

Following that, Clint Capela dunk on Young’s pass.

On the other end, Julius Randle quickly responded with a layup.

Rose then made a three-pointer off RJ Barrett’s pass.

With 7:39 left in the quarter, the score was 7-6, with the Knicks leading.

Randle then hit a mid-range jumper to extend the lead to three points.

Young drove straight to the rim on the other end and sank a layup to cut the lead to a point once more.

On the next possession, he came up with a steal and followed it up with a three-pointer.


May 30, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

Rose then responded by sinking a three-pointer.

On the next possession, John Collins hit a jump shot.

With 4:10 remaining in the quarter, Randle hit a three-pointer to tie the game at 15-15.

Rose hit a floater to give the Knicks the lead.

They were 19-20 with the Hawks leading when Alec Burks hit a floater with 1:47 remaining in the quarter.

Barrett hit a wide-open three-pointer from behind the arc with 22 seconds remaining to give the Hawks a four-point lead.

But Solomon Hill responded with a three-pointer with 7 seconds remaining.

The quarter ended with the Knicks leading by one point, 26-25.

In the second quarter, the Hawks took the lead.

The Knicks quickly added four points to take a five-point lead in the second quarter.

Bogdanovic hit a three-pointer off a pass from Capela, cutting the lead to two points.

Danilo Gallinari quickly followed with another three-pointer, giving the team a one-point lead with less than ten minutes remaining.

With that, the Hawks went on a 9-0 run to take a four-point lead.

On the next possession, Rose made a jump shot, and Obadiah Toppin added a floater.

Taj Gibson dunk on Rose’s pass for another bucket and a point advantage. On the other end, he also blocked Collins.

Burks drove to the basket and made a layup.

Young was then called for a foul and a bucket.

As the clock struck 5:04, the score was 38-40, with the Hawks leading.

Young then hit a three-pointer, but the Knicks quickly responded, cutting the lead to one point.

Barrett then made a layup to take the lead.

Collins answered back with a three-pointer on Bogdanovic’s pass. He dunk on Young’s pass, giving him a four-point lead.

Randle fumbled the ball, and Bogdanovic made a three-pointer on the other end.

Bogi impersonates. Bogi fires a shot. Bogi wins.

May 30, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

With the buckets, the Hawks went on an 8-0 run and took a 7-point lead with 2:20 remaining.

On the other end, Rose made a layup.

The Hawks took the lead at the end of the quarter, 49-53.

In the third quarter, the Hawks dominated.

Collins opened the third quarter with a three-pointer.

Following that, the Hawks quickly took a 9-point lead.

Rose missed a shot, but Randle tipped the ball in for a score.

De’Andre Hunter responded with a mid-range jumper.

Barrett then hit a three-pointer, and Collins responded with a jump shot and a three-pointer on the next possession.

They were 61-73 with 4:16 left in the quarter, with the Hawks taking a 12-point lead.

Trae Young’s three-pointer increased the lead.

Today we took care of business #BelieveAtlanta

May 31, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

Barrett responded with a bucket on the other end, and Burks followed with a three-pointer.

Young then found Bogdanovic for a three-point play.

On the other end, Randle responded with a three-pointer.

Gallinari quickly followed with a mid-range jumper, and Bogdanovic with a three-pointer.

The Hawks led by 14 points at halftime after the quarter ended 71-85.

The Hawks dominated the Knicks and eventually won.

Capela opened the fourth quarter with a dunk off a pass from Lou Williams.

Toppin then made a layup off of Rose’s pass.

Kevin Huerter responded with a jump shot. On the next possession, he hit a three-pointer.

Bogdanovic’s long pass found Gallinari for a dunk, extending the lead to 23 points.

With 8:11 remaining in the quarter, the Hawks increased their lead to 25 points.

Randle then followed that with a dunk.

They were 78-101 with 7:14 left when Young drove to the basket and sank a layup.

Barrett played a floater, and Gallinari responded with a fadeaway.

Burks then hit a three-pointer, and Heurter responded with a three-pointer off Young’s pass.

There will be no stopping.

May 30, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

Toppin followed with a bucket on Burk’s pass.

Collins tipped the ball inside the basket after Young missed a long three-pointer.

They were 91-113 with 2:09 left in the game when Toppin hit a three-pointer.

Barrett then added a floater to the mix.

The Hawks won the quarter 96-113, extending their series lead to 3-1.

Trae Young is creating history.

The Hawks as a team performed admirably in the game, with six Hawks players scoring in double figures.

While Trae Young put on a show in his first career playoffs.

In game 4 against the Knicks, he had 27 points and 9 assists.

Trae had 15 points and four assists at the half.

? @Verizon presents

May 30, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

As a result, after four games, he now averages 27.5 points and 10 assists per game.

He also made some history by becoming the second player in NBA history to lead his team in points and assists in each of his first four career playoff games.

Young is also only the fourth player in NBA history to average 25 points and 10 assists in his first four playoff games.

As a result, he joins the ranks of Kevin Johnson, Stephen Curry, and Oscar Robertson.

“This is a fun series,” Young said following the game. This is extremely exciting.”

The Hawks had a strong night.

Trae Young received a lot of assistance in winning this game 4.

The Hawks’ other players also played well, particularly from behind the three-point line and on defense.

They made 15 three-pointers during the game.

They also had a strong offensive performance, with six players scoring in double figures and three scoring 20 or more points.

The first was Trae Young, who led the Hawks in scoring.

Following Young, John Collins scored 22 points with 8 rebounds and an assist.

“We have so many talented basketball players,” Collins said. “We have a great chemistry together.” When we do the right things, I believe the sky is the limit for this team.”

JC, get out!

May 30, 2021 — Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks)

“I loved it,” Collins added. I felt like we came in with the mindset that we weren’t going to let their physical game get to us. We were physically equal to them and played our game.”

Danilo Gallinari led the Hawks’ bench with 21 points, four rebounds, and one assist.

Clint Capela had a double-double of 10 points and 15 rebounds, as well as 2 assists.

Meanwhile, Kevin Huerter scored 11 points, grabbed three rebounds, and assisted while coming off the bench.

The Hawks now lead the series and are only one game away from the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

“Of course, we’re happy to win a game,” Young said. “But the job isn’t finished. It’s not finished until the series is finished. We need to have the same mindset, the same approach, and try to finish it in New York.”

The Knicks were led by Julius Randle.

The Knicks, on the other hand, struggled with their offense and were defeated by the Hawks.

The Knicks started strong but were unable to maintain their lead in the second half.

Julius Randle led the series in scoring with 23 points, 10 rebounds, and seven assists.

However, it was insufficient to secure the victory. The Hawks defended him well, allowing him to make only 7 of 19 shots from the field.

“We have a Game 5 at home to extend this series,” Randle said. “I’m excited about our chances. It’s not over yet. It’s not over yet.”

RJ Barrett finished with 21 points, six rebounds, and four assists.

Derrick Rose had 18 points, two rebounds, and six assists.

Obadiah Toppin led the Knicks bench with 13 points and three rebounds. Alec Burks followed with 12 points and 6 rebounds.

They will play Game 5 at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

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