Travis Gravel

Facts of Travis Gravel:

Full Name Travis Gravel
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight

Travis Gravel turned into a celebrity overnight after news of him being romantically linked with Kim Gravel spread like wildfire. Indeed, the man of whom we will talk today is none other than the lover of Kim Gravel, a host, reality show star, entrepreneur, and pageant coach; further, she also won Miss Georgia’s title back in 1991. Though Travis became a part of his wife’s success, people really know a few about him.

It’s like he prefers to have a private life away from the camera lights. Due to this, much isn’t known about him. Nevertheless, we packed everything you need to know about him on this page. Thus, keep on reading to learn it all.

Who is Travis Gravel, exactly?

Part-time modeling was how Travis Gravel got his start in the industry. But it was as the spouse of American television presenter Kim Gravel, a former Miss Georgia, who he rose to fame, not as a model. We made every effort to find Travis’s actual date of birth and any information about his parents, but we were unable. His most recent image, though, shows him to be in his 50s, if not younger.

Travis is a handsome young man who has two adorable kids. He is of Caucasian heritage and was born in the United States. According to his wife’s Instagram post, Alex is a family man who looks after his family. On rare occasions, he might be seen interacting with his two sons.

Who is Kim Gravel, Travis Gravel’s wife?

Former Miss Georgia and American television host and celebrity, Travis Kim’s wife. Before she was crowned Miss Georgia, Kim began her career as a passionate singer and composer. Kim progressed to become the Beloved band’s lead singer. When she became the youngest Georgian to ever win the Miss Georgia title in 1991, she shot to fame. Later, she represented Georgia and competed in the Miss USA Pageant, which opened up additional opportunities. The wife of Travis has been named a goodwill ambassador to Japan.

However, this blonde beauty then went on to host her own program, Kim of Queens, which made its debut in 2015. Also she makes frequent appearances on television programs, including Steve and Steve Harvey, the program hosted by Lori Harvey’s stepfather. She takes the role of a Panelist in the episode. She is a successful businesswoman as well, running the cosmetics and clothing line Belle by Kim Gravel. Her 73 thousand-follower Instagram account is filled with pictures of fashion tutorials.

Travis Gravel and his wife Kim Gravel Have Two Cute Children Together

Travis Gravel, who attracted a lot of attention after the media revealed his relationship with television personality Kim Gravel, is now a father of two. The charming couple did indeed grow their family. Let’s first understand more about their love story before talking more about their children.

Travis Gravel with his gorgeous soulmate, Kim.
Photo Source: Facebook

It’ll be inappropriate to start, but regrettably, the precise day they first met and began dating isn’t public knowledge. No one outside of the couple’s circle of friends and family is aware of that, but we do know when their marriage officially began.

On August 16, 2000, Travis and Kim exchanged vows. In front of their chosen friends and families, they exchanged their vows in a private ceremony. By 2020, the attractive couple had already been at odds for 20 years of their union.

Returning to Gravel’s family, they now included two adorable sons. You did read that correctly. Both sons of the couple’s two children were born. Their second son, Blanton Gravel, was born in 2012, and their oldest son, Beau Gravel, was born in 2010, according to Just Richest.

The lovely Gravel family is currently a resident of Atlanta. You may also like to read about Samantha Chay Flores.

Travis Gravel’s Net Worth and Career Information

As we’ve already mentioned, Travis Gravel made the decision to shield the media from his personal matters. His true profits are therefore hidden, and they won’t be revealed any time soon. Additionally, in order to make things work, not much is known about his professional background.

Despite all, we discovered via extensive study that Travis had a modeling career in the entertainment sector. In the past, he participated in various projects as a model. As a result, as of September 2022, we calculated his net worth to be somewhere around $1 million.

Travis and Kim sons, Beau and Blanton. Photo Source: Instagram

In addition to Travis, his wife also benefits significantly from her successful career. She has participated in a few shows as a cast member, panelist, and host. In addition, she introduced the highly successful Belle Beauty by Kim Gravel line of cosmetics. She also has a fortune in the millions, so the Gravel couple and their lovely boys live a life of luxury.


What is Kim Gravel’s age?

Kim Gravel, the wife of Travis Gravel, is 49 years old.