Trini Mitchum

Quick Facts:

Full Name Trini Mitchum
Profession Actor
Popular For Famous for the movies, The Mechanic, This Old Horse, A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas
Age (As in 2022) 67 years old
Date of Birth 3rd March 1954
Zodiac sign Pisces
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Estimated Net Worth (As in 2021) $100 thousand`
Father Robert Mitchum
Mother Dorothy Mitchum
Husband/Wife or Boyfriend/ Girlfriend N/A
Children N/A
Siblings Christopher Mitchum, James Mitchum

Trini Mitchum is one of the talented actresses from the United States of America who appeared as the 3rd Hippie in the 1972 movie The Mechanic. She is recognized as the daughter of the veteran actor, Robert Mitchum.

Mitchum blessed her parents with her arrival on the 3rd of March, 1954 in Los Angelos, California. The actress was raised in her birthplace along with her siblings. She has not disclosed her early life and her academic life details, however, it is known that due to her family being strict in discipline, she did not have bad habits and ethics.

What is the Net Worth of Trini Mitchum?

Trini Mitchum is thought to have a net worth of about $100,000 that she has accumulated via her job. She hasn’t worked on as many projects as other family members, but what she has done has received high recognition.

For the films The Mechanic, starring James Stewart, and Robert Mitchum: The Two Faces of America, she is credited as both an actress and a producer.

In addition, Trini’s father passed away with $10 million in his possession. Christopher, her brother, has a similar level of net worth.

Trini Mitchum: Is She Married?

Trini Mitchum is unmarried and has never been wed. Being an independent woman, Mitchum enjoys being unmarried and is more concerned with her profession than relationships.

Also. Trini is a reserved person who tends to avoid talking about her personal life when the subject comes up. She gets along well with many of her male co-stars, but she hasn’t met somebody she can settle down with.

Robert Mitchum’s dad

A dynamic performer from the 1950s through 1960s, Robert Mitchum is voted number 23 among the 50 greatest American cinema legends of all time.

Robert Mitchum Monologue – Saturday Night Live

Robert, who was born on August 6, 1917, spent his early years in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he routinely picked fights with other kids and played practical pranks on adults. While still fairly young, he lost his father James Thomas Mitchum in a railyard accident.

He made his acting debut in 1943’s The Human Comedy as Quentin Gilford. He has since appeared in numerous films and television shows, such as Bar 20, False Colors, Riders of the Deadlines, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, “Out of the Past,” “River of No Return,” “The Night of the Hunter,” “Thunder Road,” and others.

Robert has also contributed as a producer and writer to the entertainment industry. For Thunder Road, The Night Fighter, and The Wonderful Country, he gets three production credits. He also received writing credit for Thunder Road.

When was her father passed away?

Robert Mitchum, Mitchum’s father, passed away on July 1st, 1997. His death was brought on by lung cancer.

Mitchum was very close to her father, and when she learned of his passing, her beautiful, threatening face became sad and bland.

Dorothy Mitchum wanted to be a secretary.

Mother of actor Mitchum, Dorothy Mitchum, always yearned to work as a secretary. She possessed every quality required to be a productive secretary. She was forced to give up her dream in order to care for her children, however, because of her husband’s celebrity.

Trinni Mitchum’s mother Dorothy Mitchu.
source: The Santa barbara independent

Later, Dorothy started writing horoscopes for others and became active in astrological activity. She also started a charity called SHARE, which stands for Share Happily and Reap Endlessly, to aid those who are struggling psychologically.

Robert was detained for squattering.

After being dismissed from middle school and relocating away from his sister’s home, Robert was all alone. He searched for employment by going to several locations and working odd occupations like ditch digging and professional boxing. He was once detained for being homeless when he was only 16 years old.

Arrested Robert was made to perform labor in a chain with other criminals. He made his way out of the facility and back to his Delaware family.

Trini’s parents met while she was quite little.

Robert, the father of Trini, first met Dorothy when she was 14 years old. Before finally being married to Robert at the age of 21, she dated John Mitchum, Robert’s younger brother, for a while.

In 1994, after several months of courting, the couple was hitched. They had a happy marriage up till the time of their deaths.

Christopher Mitchum, the brother.

Christopher Mitchum is Robert Mitchum’s second child and Trini’s brother. Chris, who adopted his father’s profession, is a dramatist and actor who also runs his own business.

Trinni Mitchum’s brother Christopher Mitchum.
source: Wikipedia

He was ranked among the top five stars of the future by Box Office Magazine. Speaking specifically about Chris, he was first revealed to the public on October 16, 1943. He wed Cyndia Davis in 1964, but they divorced in 1996 since their marriage did not endure long.

They had four kids together, whose names were Bentley, Carrie, Jennifer, and Kian, before the pair started walking in their separate way.

James Mitchum, the brother.

The oldest child of famed Hollywood actor Robert Mitchum was James Mitchum. He had considerable god-given talent in the Hollywood film business.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself to him when he was cast in movies like The Beat Generation (1959), Western Colorado Territory (1949), The Victors (1963), The Last Movie (1971), and Ride the Wild Surf (1964).

Trinni Mitchum’s brother James Mitchum.
source: IMDb

James had gained notoriety in American cinema as well after appearing in over 30 movies. It was unusual for him to have health issues in his personal life, despite the fact that he routinely achieved success in his professional life. He lost Wende Wagner, his only spouse, to lung cancer in 1997.

Actress in Mall Cop, Paul Blart Trini’s Niece Is Carrie Mitchum

Chris and Cynthia Mitchum, the brother of Trini, are the parents of Carrie Mitchum. She and Trini are close friends.

Following in her family’s history, Carrie is seeking a career as an actor. She has received 9 acting credits over the course of her career.

Her acting credits include The Bold and the Beautiful, Lethal Orbit, and Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham.

The Physical Description of Mitchell

actress from The Mechanic. Trini is now in her late sixties, yet she still looks fairly good. Incomparable beauty was at its height when she was young. She has natural dark eyes and blonde hair.

Regarding her physical characteristics, Mitchum is a tall woman standing at 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165 cm. She also has a thin figure and a respectable weight.

Social Media

Trini is not a social person, as was already mentioned. She doesn’t want any media attention and prefers to lead a quiet life. She hasn’t set up any accounts on social media sites under her name since she prefers to keep her information private.

Trini, though, might use a false name on social media. But Christopher Mitchum, her brother, is active on Instagram and has about 200 followers under the pseudonym  @chris_mitchum. You may also like to know about Leilene Ondrade.

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