Triveni Barman

Facts of Triveni Barman

Full Name: Triveni Barman
Age: 28 years old
Birthday: 1993
Birthplace: Guwahati, Assam
Nationality: Indian
Gender: Female
Boyfriend: Tushar Kalia
Net Worth: 5 and 6 crore
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Profession: Model, Social Media Influencer

Triveni Barman is a well-known figure and an Indian Assamese street model. She became well-known for participating in several beauty pageants. She competed in the 2017 Femina Miss India pageant and finished in the Top 15.

How old is Triveni Barman?

Triveni Barman was born in Guwahati, Assam, although she currently calls Mumbai home. She was born in Guwahati, Assam, in 1993. Before competing in Miss Assam and Miss India, she was a model, which is relevant information about her early life.

Triveni, a sweet young girl, regularly hung out with her other sisters. On Instagram, she has been spotted at a number of family get-togethers and events. Miss. Triveni had shown her sister countless photos of herself from when she was a little child and the two of them used to go to various locations.

Picture of Triveni Barman
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Next is the delightful Triveni, a former student of Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School. Later, Shen attended Guwahati’s St. Mary’s English High School. She eventually graduated from Sikkim Manipal University.

How tall is Triveni Barman?

Triveni Barman is 58 KG and 5 feet 6 inches tall. her size 7 footwear (US). Her physical measurements are 36-26-34 inches. She has brown eyes and black hair. Triveni considers herself to be a passionate and hardworking woman and is very connected to her family.

The only person who has had an impact on her is her mother. Triveni has always appreciated her mother’s maternal spirit, which she never let go of. She claims that her mother is a fighter who has overcome every obstacle their family has encountered. And She aspired to be her mother in every way.

She has, however, revealed the names of her two sisters while keeping her mother’s identity a secret. Her eldest sister’s married name is Dimple Sharma. Pompy Barman is the nickname for her other sister. She frequently appears in photos on her own Instagram account alongside her two sisters.

Who is Triveni Barman is dating ?

Triveni has never been spotted dating a hot guy since she joined Limelight a year ago. Mr. Tushar Kalia has now been identified as her fiancé.

Tushar, one of the best choreographers of contemporary dance in Bollywood, has been seen blushing in the past anytime someone has asked about his romantic life. Dance Deewane Tushar sobbed in one of the episodes of the program. He was asked by the anchor, Karan Bijlani, who his true love was and why he kept her a secret.

When Tushar learned that her lover had turned down his proposal of marriage, she responded by sobbing and becoming distressed. On the other hand, Tushar didn’t mention the name of the enigmatic woman at the time, but we can infer that he was referring to Triveni. Triveni and Tushar have been formally engaged since March 7, 2022.

How much money does Triveni Barman make?

She hasn’t been in any films or TV shows, but she has lent her voice to commercials and music videos for several brands. She is now demanding extravagant sums for her single partnership due to her years of modeling experience.

Due to her lucrative career, it is currently simple to estimate this lovely woman’s net worth to be between 5 and 6 crore INR.

She routinely posted pictures of herself living the high life, which included buying designer clothes, expensive automobiles, travels, and other things.

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How is Triveni Barman Professional Life?

  • Career Triveni began working on small photo assignments for local businesses before entering any beauty pageants.
  • Later, she competed in and won the Miss Assam pageant.
  • She was on the front pages of numerous regional journals after winning the Miss Assam crown.
  • In 2017, she competed in the 54th Femina Miss India 2017 pageant as Miss Assam, representing her state.
  • Her name was listed among the top 15 contestants even though she did not take home the crown.
  • There, she was referred to as Miss Glowing Skin.
  • She originally acquired the title of Miss Eclectic when she was a very small child, in 2011.
  • Her victory in this competition in 2011 opened up a world of options for her to succeed and strengthened her resolve to change the world.
Pictured with her family is Triveni Barman.
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  • After 2017, her life was better, and she started on a new path to success.
  • She began her career singing for a lot of exclusive businesses and collaborated with numerous renowned photographers and designers.
  • She most recently appeared in the “Tum Meri Thi” music video by Yashraj Shaw and State of Mind Productions.
  • Before we tell you more about her, we have some fantastic news to share with you.
  • On March 7, 2022, Triveni stunned her followers when she shared a photo with Mr. Tushar Kalia, a renowned Bollywood choreographer and judge for the dance competition Dance Deewane.
  • She shared a cute photo of herself and Tushar together on social media, along with heart emoticons and Tushar’s name.