Ufomba Kamalu

Ufomba Kamali | Quick Facts

Full Name Ufomba Kamalu
Birth Date November 2, 1992
Birth Place Fayetteville, Georgia
Nick Name Not Known
Squad No 94
Nationality American
Ethnicity African
Education Starr’s Mill High School, Butler Community College, University of Miami
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’sName Ngozi Kamalu
Mother’sName Stela Kamalu
Siblings a year older sister (name not known)
Age 29 Years Old
Height 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight 300 lb (136 kg)
University Team Miami Hurricanes football
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Awards Super Bowl Champion (LIII)
Build Athlete
Marital Status Single
Girlfriend Anna
Position Defensive end
Profession NFL player
Net Worth $100k – $5million
Salary $7,50,000 average annual salary
Affiliated teams Houston Texas, Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens
League NFL
Active Since 2013- present
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Arizona Cardinals’s Merch Jersey, Helmets
Last Update July, 2022

Have you ever heard about a free agent who has won a Super Bowl Ring within two years of start? Yes, you read it right, the Super Bowl Ring winner.

People who still lack the sportsperson’s recognition, “Ufomba Kamalu,” is the player who is a free agent now. To point out, he is an American football defensive end who played for several squads in the National Football League after getting undrafted in the NFL draft in 2016.

He also played college football at the University of Miami in Florida. He had three years of collegiate career and later started his journey in NFL with Houston Texans.

Kamalu also has earned a millennial experience playing with Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens further in his journey.

Explore, Kamalu, from the day he was born until the present day, right here in this article. So, keep the tabs on and give his bio a thorough read.

But before that, below, here is the table that lists all the go-getter quick facts about the player, Ufomba Kamalu.

Early Years | Ufomba Kamalu

On November 2, 1992, Kamalu was born to Ngozi and Stela Kamalu. Georgia’s Fayetteville is where he was born.

Additionally, he has a sister who is a year older than he is. However, there is no information available about that on the internet.

Kamalu experienced an exciting upbringing. Up to the age of thirteen, he spent the majority of his early years in Aba, Nigeria, with his grandmother and brothers.

While they remained in Fayetteville, his parents wanted him to adopt the Igbo language and culture.

In his account of his time in Nigeria, Kamalu said, “Culturally, it was very different. However, “society-wise,” it was largely the same. The Nigerian population did not play football as a game. However, they had a PS2.

For middle school, Kamalu’s father worked at Cal Poly, SLO. There, he was a professor. To see his father, Kamalu used to frequently go to and from Nigeria.

Near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where they could take a direct flight to and from Nigeria, he made his home someplace in Georgia.

He returned to California, in the United States, to live with his parents after turning thirteen. And he had returned, but he was enormous.

He had a thin build, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 215 pounds. He played soccer as well.

But he couldn’t help but feel uneasy there because a lot of the ideas were foreign to him. There was some type of cultural divide there because he spoke terrible English.

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Ufomba Kamalu | Days of High School

When Kamalu got back to California, she enrolled in Starr Mill High School. He urged Chad Phillips, the head football coach, to address this enormous person after the school’s coach saw him there.

Philips and Kamalu started talking shortly after. There was a language issue, though. Kamalu’s English wasn’t very good. He didn’t comprehend football, too.

Philips stated that Kamalu was capable of playing any position in football. He was lean, not obese. The only issue was that for him, football was a whole new universe. He declared,

We utilize a Wing-T triple-option offense, according to Phillips. And it’s quite difficult. Children need years to learn all the game rules and social behaviors.

Because of his limited English proficiency and the time required to study, it really wasn’t a good option for him. Instead, we felt we could teach him enough about our defense and skills, such as tackling techniques, to enable him to assist us.

He was going to make a lot of room and fill a lot of gaps because he was so enormous.

Additionally, Kamalu decided to play defensive end for the varsity football team during his freshman year.

He still needed to understand the specific sports, though. He needed an additional three years to garnish. But he was still an unfinished product somewhere, making valiant attempts to improve his play.

Butler Community College | Ufomba Kamalu | Education and Career

Kamalu was undoubtedly receiving offers from prestigious universities like Georgia, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. He decided on Butler Community College in Kansas, where he was mentored by head coach Troy Morrell.

In case the readers are unaware, Butler University is one of the best college programs, producing players like Bruce Irvin, Demarcus Lawrence, and Damarious Randall who have played in the NFL.

Stephen Jackson and Tony Allen were also NBA players. Heath Bell was a professional baseball closer, and Zac Taylor excelled as the Cincinnati Bengals’ head coach at Butler Community College.

Kamalu, however, redshirted before playing in the 2012 campaign. He made the most of his time in college by working one-on-one with coaches to raise his game.

Later, when he improved in his games, Ryan Schraeder of the Atlanta Falcons’ offensive line’s nickname “Butler Grizzly” was used to describe him.

College of Miami

Later, Kamalu transferred to the University of Miami in Florida to play collegiate football. 48 tackles, 11.5 for a loss of yardage, and 8.0 sacks were recorded by him. Over the course of his three-year collegiate career, he caught one pass for 46 yards.

Additionally, as a senior in 2015, Kamalu earned a spot on Miami’s defensive player of the year list.

Here are Mark Donofrio’s comments on Kamalu, a former defensive coordinator for Miami.

He was quite reliable during that year. He was reliable. And he continued to get better, which I thought made him the most reliable defensive player we had. He finished his career playing the finest football he had ever played while playing for us.

And He declared for the 2016 MLB draft after spending four years at Miami and Butler Community College.

Houston Texans Ufomba Kamalu | Professional Career

After signing a deal with the Houston Texans, Kamalu was not selected in the 2016 MLB Draft and became an undrafted free agent on May 5, 2016.

On September 3, 2016, the Texans later released him for an unknown reason, and the following day they added him to the practice squad. On November 26, 2016, Kamalu was immediately enlisted on the active roster. He made his formal debut in Week 13 with a start against the Green Bay Packers after much more hustle and bustle.

Also, he made his first career tackle against the Tennessee Titans in a 21-13 loss and his first career sack against them in a Week 17 defeat. He was once more released by the Texans on September 1, 2018.

Cardinals of Arizona

On September 25, 2018, Kamalu was once more tasked with joining the Arizona Cardinals practice squad.

He was given a practice squad assignment for the second time in his career on October 30, 2018, and was subsequently released.

Massachusetts Patriots

On November 5, 2018, Kamalu joined the New England Patriots’ practice squad. On December 21, 2018, he was added to the list of the active players.

He made one tackle in two games for the Patriots. Kamalu also led his club to a 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. On August 31, 2019, Kamalu was eliminated after the last round of roster cuts. The following day, he was added to the Patriots’ practice squad.

Maryland Ravens

On October 24, 2019, Kamalu was added to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad. On January 13, 2020, he later consented to sign a reserve/future contract with the Ravens, however on April 8, 2020, he was released.

The news that he had been arrested for domestic abuse made headlines the very next day. On December 11, 2020, the NFL announced that Ufomba would miss the remainder of the regular season and postseason of the 2020 NFL.

On February 8, 2021, ten months after his suspension, he was then called back.

a BC Lion

On December 30, 2020, Kamalu signed a contract with the BC Lions of the CFL.

Personal Life | Ufomba Kamalu

In terms of his private life, Ufomba Kamalu enjoys a loving relationship with Anna, his longtime girlfriend. And yes, Anna’s images are somewhat oversaturated on Kamalu’s social media accounts.

Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that he and his girlfriend have a good connection. In the media, not much has been said about his extramarital relationships or hook-up rumors.

He highlighted his partner in a tweet, writing, “You are my biggest supporter,” as we can clearly see. I adore you, sweetheart.

However, he posted this tweet on August 20, 2017. Therefore, we simply cannot draw a precise conclusion.

Charge of Domestic Violence

On April 9, 2019, word broke out of nowhere that former Ravens defensive end Ufomba Kamalu had been detained on suspicion of domestic violence.

On April 8, around 10 am, Baltimore Country police reported receiving a complaint about a domestic assault.

After a heated argument with Kamalu that escalated into a physical assault, the victim was sternly treated for a visible injury. As a result, the police issued an arrest warrant for him.

He was released the following day on a $20,000 bond, however the case is still being investigated.

Net Worth

In his brief career, Kamalu has only won Super Bowl LII, with few other honors to his credit. However, we cannot discount the fact that he is working hard to join the top NFL teams and secure a position as a premier defensive end.

Ufomba Kamalu signed a one-year deal worth $750,000 with the Baltimore Ravens in 2019, according to Spotracs.com, indicating an average annual salary of $750,000.

There is no evidence that he has joined any other league teams at the moment. Consequently, we are unable to determine his precise pay.

However, we can assert that, in accordance with available sources “As of 2022, Ufomba Kamalu has a cumulative net worth of $5 million.”

Ufomba Kamalu | Social Media Presence

From his social media handles, we can assume that he is not that socially active person. Yes, he does have an account on Twitter and Instagram, but he does not constantly update him.

However, he has a very minimal number of followers on his social media profile, but he has a loyal and supportive fanbase. The links to his social media profiles are listed below. Just click in to get a proper hold of him.

Instagram- @nightmare47 with 4,019 followers.

Twitter-  @Nightmare with 1252 followers.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Has Ufomba Kamalu been into Philanthropy?

Yes, he represented @NgwaNationalUSA which focuses on youth empowerment and rural healthcare improvement in Nigeria.

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