Usain Bolt

Quick facts

Name Usain Bolt
Full name Usain St Leo Bolt
Nick name Lightning Bolt
Nationality Jamaican 
Zodiac Sign  Leo
Religion Catholic 
Birth date 21 August 1986
Age 35 Years Old
Height 1.95m/6 ft. 5 in
Weight 94 kg/207 lb.
Birth place Sherwood Content, Jamaica
Parents Wellesley Bolt 

Jennifer Bolt 

Sibling Sadiki Bolt

Sherine Bolt

Body type Athletic
Eye color Dark Brown 
Hair color Black
Skin Dark
Education William Knibb Memorial High School

University of Technology

Profession Former Runner
Position Linebacker
Professional Debut 2008
Relationship status Married
Wife Kasi Bennett
Children Olympia Lightning Bolt
Social Media Instagram


Merch  T-shirt, Shoes, I Am Bolt
Net Worth $90 million
Last Updated July, 2022

Usain Bolt or often referred to as “Lightning Bolt”, is the fastest athlete alive on the planet today. 

Additionally, he has set 19 Guinness World Records. Further, he revolutionized his speed and turned it into a lucrative franchise. 

Usain Bolt rose to fame during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He caught the world’s attention during the event as Usain bagged four championship titles in the 200m event. 

His talent and skill have earned him the reputation of one of the most successful athletes. Moreover, Usain made his professional debut in 2008 under the guidance of coach Fitz Coleman. He performed his debut in CARIFTA games. 

Further, he is a game character in one of the most famous mobile games, Temple Run 2. The game has been downloaded a billion times after its release. 

Childhood and Background

Usain was born in Sherwood Content, Jamaica, on August 21, 1986. He was conceived by his mother Jennifer Bolt and his father Wellesley.

Usain St. Leo Bolt is Usain Bolt’s full name. He was up in a rural community in Jamaica’s Trelawny Parish. Usain also has two siblings: Sherine Bolt, a sister, and Sadiki Bolt, a brother.

He spent his childhood playing football and cricket in the street with his brother and sister.

Additionally, Usain’s parents owned a nearby grocery store. Usain attended Waldenisa Primary School in addition to working to support his family. He also developed into the school’s fastest runner by the time he was twelve.

Also attending was William Knibb Memorial High School for Usain. When he was in high school, Usain Bolt tried to play cricket, but his coach disapproved. Because of his ability to run quickly, he urged Usain to try out for the track.

Additionally, former Olympic sprinters Pablo McNeil and Dwayne Jarrett mentored and guided Bolt. Usain received a lot of advice from them and won a lot of medals.


Personal, Marital, and Musical Interests

Usain Bolt has a passion for cricket as a child. He allegedly experienced scoliosis as a young child. He continued to be the quickest man alive despite this.

Football aficionado is a well-known trait of the Olympic sprinter. He is also known to be a fan of Manchester United, a powerhouse in the Premier League. He has also said that he wants to play for the team.

Usain is characterized as being a fun-loving, easygoing, and relaxed person. Additionally, he is reportedly a fan of reggae music and the Call of Duty video game series, according to several sources.

Usain is also a married man. Kasi Bennett, his longtime lover, and he exchanged wedding vows. Popular Jamaican model Kasi is. Olympia Lightning Bolt, the couple’s first child, was born on May 17, 2020.

passion for music

Usain enjoys music a great deal in addition to cricket and football. Currently, he works as a music producer. Usain debuted in the music business in 2019 with dancehall music.

Additionally, five Jamaican dancehall musicians appeared on Usain’s debut album. Additionally, among many others, his album Olympe Rosé included the songs “Big Moves” by Dexta Daps, “Top A Di Top” by Ding Dong, “Dweet” by Christopher Martin, and “Weekend” by Munga.

The same year, Usain also releases “Immortal Riddim,” another piece of music. “Weekend” and “Dweet,” Vybz Kartel, were included in the song.

In addition, Usain’s most recent album, “Living the dream,” was published in January 2021. With the assistance of Nugent “N.J.” Walker, it was made.

Body measurements and workout routine for Usain Bolt

Looking at Usain’s physical attributes, we can see that he is athletic and has ripped muscles. The athlete weights 94kg and measures 6 feet 5 inches tall, giving him a tremendous body.

Usain Bolt also has chocolate-brown complexion that complements his sculpted muscles. He also has an oval-shaped face, black eyes, and dark hair.

Usain maintains a trim body while adhering to a tight diet thanks to his daily workout regimen. To use as an example, the athlete goes to the gym five times per week, engaging in challenging workouts that concentrate on specific areas of his body.

Usain Bolt | Professional

Like no other athlete, Usain Bolt has made his mark and left a lasting impact in the sports world. As a result, the 2004 CARIFTA Games named him the most outstanding athlete. The award has only been given to a select few athletes in the past.

Despite his reputation as a superhuman, Usain had to take a year off in 2005 because to injuries. Usain, though, was trained to increase his strength and flexibility as he constantly sought to get better.

Furthermore, Valletta, a Maltese team, contacted him due to his passion in playing football. He was given a two-year deal by the team.

Usain participates in philanthropic work in addition to his sporting activities. He just gave $50,000 to aid individuals in need amid the Sichuan earthquake in China.

He is also one of the founders of the electric scooter business Bolt Mobility. We shall now examine Usain Bolt’s journey to success in more detail.

early contests

At the IAAF World Youth Championship in Hungary in 2001, Usain Bolt made his international debut. He was unable to advance to the championship round of the competition. He nevertheless ran the 200 meters in 21.73 seconds for a personal best.

At the CARIFTA games, Usain also establishes new championship records in the 400- and 200-meter races. He competes in the Junior Championship for Central America and the Caribbean as well.

Throughout the competition, he keeps breaking his own records. In addition, Usain is one of just nine athletes to have won the junior, youth, and senior world championships.

Usain relocated to Kingston at the request of the Prime Minister of Jamaica as a result of his success. He started his training with the Jamaica Amateur Athlete Association while he was a student at Kingston.

Gaining fame

Usain became the youngest world junior medalist in history when he was only 15 years old. He accomplished the feat after winning the 200-meter race in the 2002 World Junior Championship in Kingston, Jamaica.

Additionally, Usain Bolt competes in the Jamaican sprint relay team competition and takes home two silver medals. Additionally, he wins four gold medals at the 2003 CARIFTA Games.

Additionally, Usain wins a second gold medal and establishes a new world record at the 2003 World Youth Championships.

In addition, Usain Bolt shattered it in the Jamaican High School Championships during his senior year.

Usain became well-known as a result in his hometown and all of Jamaica. He kept competing and achieved more records as he aimed for a spot on the Jamaican Olympic team.

Achievement in his junior career

Following initial success, Usain proceeded to win the following events during his junior career:

  • 2002 World Junior Championships (Gold)
  • Jamaican High School Championships (Gold)
  • CARIFTA Games (Gold x4, Austin Sealy Trophy)
  • Jamaican Sprint Relays (Silver x2)
  • 2003 Jamaican High School Championships (Gold)
  • 2003 World Youth Championships (Gold)
  • Pan-American Junior Championships (Matched Roy Martin’s record of 20.13s)


Usain received a lot of attention after his record run. He entered to beat Michael Johnson, the best sprinter in the world, and set a number of records.

The Olympics were Usain’s next step. On his way to the Olympics, Fitz Coleman provided him with guidance. Usain started his career at the CARIFTA Games in Bermuda in 2004 and soon after turned professional.

Furthermore, Usain shattered records and established new ones while he was at the CARIFTA. Additionally, he received the Austin Sealy Trophy for the best athlete.

In addition, a hamstring issue nearly made his trip to the Olympics impossible. Nevertheless, in May 2004 he was selected for the Jamaican Olympic Team.

However, the ailment returned to haunt him in Athens during his maiden Olympic experience. He was consequently disqualified in the opening round of the 200-meter race.

Following his departure, American institutions offered Usain Scholarships so that he may train there and represent the nation.

Usain declined, nevertheless, because of loyalty to Jamaica. Usain Bolt then continued to train, learn, and compete at Jamaica’s University of Technology.

Up until his next Olympic Games, he kept taking part in competitions, winning medals, and breaking records.

New Bolt and Coach

In 2005, Usain Bolt hired Glen Mills as a new coach. As a result, he had to sacrifice his carefree outlook on life for training. He realized his boundless potential thanks to Glen’s instruction and his enthusiastic approach to training.

Glen also told Bolt not to waste any time in the gym and described his previous strategy as “unprofessional”. But despite Glen’s fresh perspective and direction, Usain struggled at the 2005 World Championships.

Usain’s hamstring issue was the cause of his disappointing performance. The coach, though, was convinced of his extraordinary talent. He also began preparing Usain emotionally and physically for the next Olympics.

The Usain Bolt Olympics bug

Usain won three gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing despite his painful Olympic experience in 2004. In addition, he follows up by winning five gold medals and two silver medals at the World Competitions.

Furthermore, following his incredible performance at the 2012 London Olympics, Usain Bolt’s net worth skyrocketed. Usain won the gold medal with 9.63 seconds and successfully defended his Beijing championship throughout the competition.

Usain was regarded as one of the greatest sprinters of all time as a result. Additionally, his gold medal triumph in London occurred just before Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of gaining independence from the United Kingdom.

Usain was also well recognized for his comical and theatrical finish line demeanor during the London Olympics.

He frequently struck the “Lightning bolt” position following each of his triumphs. Left arm outstretched to the side and folded across the chest made up the posture. Due to the participation of even former president Obama, it immediately caught the attention of the entire world.

In addition, Usain won the 100, 200, and 4 x 100 meter relays at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Usain Bolt’s 100-meter record time of 9.58 seconds is the fastest sprint time ever.

The 200m (19.19 seconds) and 100m (9.58 seconds) world records are held by Usain. These two records were both established at the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin.

Usain Bolt is also the only sprinter to have won the 200-meter and 100-meter Olympic events three times in a row (2008, 2012, and 2016). Additionally, he has two gold medals from the four-person 100-meter relay.

Bolt also holds the title of world champion in addition to his eight gold medals from the Olympics. Eleven times, he has won the world title.

Usain has also won other honors, such as the Laureus Sportsman of the Year and Track & Field Athlete of the Year (four times). In addition, he has twice been named the IAAF World Athlete of the Year.

Usain Bolt has won how many gold medals throughout his career?

Bolt thinks he is the first sportsperson to ever win the triple-triple. He said this after winning the 4 x 100, 200, and 100 meters events in Beijing in 2008, London in 2012, and Rio in 2016.

In addition, his medal from the 4 x 100m relay competition in Beijing was taken away from him. The choice was made following Nesta Carter’s teammate’s drug conviction.

Usain Bolt has eight Olympic gold medals to his credit, so to speak. On the other side, he owns 11 gold medals at the World Championship. Usain has also won three gold medals in the 100-meter sprint.

Additionally, he has won the 200-meter race four times, in 2015, 2013, 2011, and 2009.

Usain also has four gold medals in the 4 × 100-meter relay. In addition, Usain Bolt also took home a gold medal in the relay at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. He has received 20 gold medals altogether.

After a disappointing showing in the World Championships, Usain Bolt announced his retirement in 2017. He is rumored to be considering a football career after he hangs up his running shoes.

Even top clubs from around the world extended offers to him. But in January 2018, Usain declared an end to his athletic career.

Favorite Quotes from Usain Bolt

“Believe in your dreams, and that anything is possible.” – Usain Bolt

“Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you’re going to perform, you’ve already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best, and the rest will take care of itself.” – Usain Bolt

“I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself.” – Usain Bolt

“There are better starters than me, but I’m a strong finisher.” – Usain Bolt

“I don’t think limits.” – Usain Bolt

“I work hard, and I do good, and I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m not going to let you restrict me.” – Usain Bolt.

“You have to set yourself goals so you can push yourself harder. Desire is the key to success.” – Usain Bolt.

“Win from within” – Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt | Endorsement, Car Collection and Net worth

Endorsements and Other Income

Usain is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, most of which comes from endorsements. He has endorsement deals with brands like Puma, Hublot, Virgin Media, Gatorade, and Nissan. 

Additionally, Usain also makes money through prize money and appearance fees. He charges $250-400,000 for a track meet appearance. 

Further, 55,000 fans came to the 2010 Penn Relay to watch Usain run. The event broke the previous field attendance records. 

Moreover, Usain earned $31 million between June 2017 and 2018. 

Usain Bolt House & Car Collection

Bolt enjoys extraordinary things in life. He has recently grabbed media attention after he bought a house in Australia. The respective pad is worth $25 million. 

Additionally, Usain also loves a car that is fast as him. He owns an impressive car collection, which includes Ferraris 458, F430, and a California. 

Also, he owns a customized Audi S.U.V., Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Camaro, and Nissan GT-Rs. 

Net worth

As the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain has amassed a fortune throughout his career. According to Forbes, his estimated net worth stands at $90 million. 

Besides, he signed a contract with Puma as a teenager and earned around $10 million per year. The respective deal continued until his retirement. 

Despite retiring, Usain has been earning $31 million through numerous endorsements every year. In addition, he is a co-founder for Bolt Mobility, which raised $30 million in venture capital funding. 

Bolt mobility operates more than 5,000 scooters in Paris, U.S, and France. The company launched a two-seater B-Nano car in May 2019 at the starting price of $999

Thus, due to his massive endorsement and net worth, he is one of the wealthiest athletes alive today.

Usain Bolt | Social Media

Usain Bolt is famous on social media platforms as well. If you desire to attain personal and day-to-day information about the athlete, you can visit his respective social media account. 

He has over 10 million followers on Instagram under the username Usain St.Leo Bolt (@usainbolt). You can also catch up to him on Twitter under the same user name St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt). He has over 4.9 followers on the platform. 

In addition, you can also check his website, Usain Bolt. 

Queries on Usain Bolt 

Does Usain do charity?

Yes, he is involved in charity. Usain has signed items, especially for charity purposes. Besides, he is also a part of Soccer Aid For UNICEF. 

Who is Usain Bolt’s agent?

Pace Sports Management is the athletic agent of Usain Bolt. 

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