Valdir Segato

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Valdir Segato.
Net worth USD 1 Million (approx.).
Birthday 2 August 1967.
Death Date 2 August 2022.
Age (at the time of death) 55 years old.
Profession Bodybuilder, TikTok, and Media Face.
Birth Place Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Death Place Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.
Death Cause Breathing Problem.
Religion Christianity.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Alma Mater Private School in Brazil.
Qualification Graduate.
Sun Sign Leo.
Nationality Brazilian.
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Valdir Segato, a well-known Brazilian body builder, construction worker, TikToker, and Internet personality from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was born on August 2, 1967, and he passed away on August 2, 2022, at the age of 55. He gained national notoriety as a result of his bulky muscles and biceps. His goal was to have even bigger biceps than the fictitious Hulk from Marvel Comics. The sources claim that he once enhanced his biceps by injecting oil into them.

Who is bodybuilder Valdir Segato?

On his official TikTok account, he posted videos showing off his muscles, and users referred to him as a monster. Due the news of his passing in August 2022, Segato gained notoriety. According to the official accounts, he died on 55th birthday on 2 August 2022 from breathing problems.

Valdir Segato was a body builder(Source: Instagram)

With the aid of a neighbor, he was able to get to the hospital, but there he passed away. Doctors advised Valdir not to administer many oil injections because doing so could result in amputation, but he disregarded their advice and has continued to administer injections for the past six years.


According to numerous official records, Valdir used to celebrate his birthday on the second of August each year with his family and friends. When he passed away, he was 55 years old. This leads us to believe that he was likely born in 1967 to Brazilian parents in Sao Paulo. In Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, he lived apart from his family.

Childhood Image of Valdir(Source: Instagram)

He finished his elementary schooling at a nearby school. Following that, he graduated from a prestigious high school with his siblings. There are currently no available updates regarding his schooling institutions or higher education qualifications.

Family & Parents

For an unknown reason, Valdir Segato avoided his parents and other family members. Well, despite our extensive inquiry on the internet and other social media platforms, his parents’ identities remain unknown. Their names and pictures remain a mystery. According to reports, his mum took care of the house while his dad worked a little job at a nearby shop.

When speaking of his siblings, he felt it was best to keep details about them out of the public eye. Nevertheless, he was a citizen of Brazil and practiced Christianity. He also came from an ethnically diverse background.

Relationship Status

The would-be Hulk was effective in keeping his personal life private. We did a lot of research, but we couldn’t find any information regarding his personal life. Whether he was married or not is still unknown. He was residing alone in the home, according to his neighbors.

This suggests that he was either single or not living with his wife. The precise details are still unknown. Similarly, there is no information online concerning his children. We are doing everything we can to learn as much as we can about his personal life in order to share it with you soon.

Cause of Dead

Valdir Segato died on August 2, 2022, his 55th birthday, according to the sources. He reportedly had respiratory problems and asked his neighbors to take him to the hospital. He passed just as soon as he got to the hospital. Let me tell you that when he was younger, he was extremely tiny and often made fun of by his peers.

Valdir took oil injection(Source: Instagram)

He made the wrong decision when he set out to build muscles. To strengthen his muscles, he began pumping oil into his body. He was given the advice to stop using oil injections in large doses by the doctors about six years ago since they can be hazardous and lead to amputation and also ignored the advice of the medical professionals and used oil injections for more than 6 years. He frequently felt out of breath but was able to make it to the hospital in time.

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Professional Life

Valdir Segato revealed that after finishing his studies, he worked in a variety of jobs. He spent many years working as a construction worker as well. Later, he began building muscles and bodybuilding. He started receiving a lot of media and social media attention for his physique.

On his official TikTok account, he amassed more than a million fans. He then made the decision to work on his body even more and increase the size of his biceps to over 23 inches. He also expressed his desire to resemble the Marvel animated character Hulk in numerous videos.

Net worth & Source of Income

The well-known bodybuilder was content with his life. He was staying in a stunning house that was furnished magnificently. For his various jobs and TikTok videos, he received payment. He earned an estimated net worth of USD $1 million (approx.).

Some Interesting Facts

  • Overuse of oil injection can result in infections, fatal strokes, and artery blockages.
  • Segato enjoyed the nicknames “Hulk” and “Monsters” that people gave him.
  • Valdir’s biceps measured 23 inches, but he desired bigger biceps.
  • He used to take painkillers, alcohol, and oil injections simultaneously.
  • Additionally, Valdir Segato appeared in a few programs, including Bigorexia, Hooked On The Look, and others.

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