Valentina Allure Henry

American NFL athlete Derrick Henry possesses incredible on-the-field skills. For the same reason, he is also referred to as King Henry. King Henry is equally lucky in his family life as he is in his football career.

Quick Facts about Valentina Allure Henry

Full Name Valentina Allure Henry
Date of Birth May 18, 2020
Birth Place Nashville, United States
Nick Name “V”
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-Latin (mixed)
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 2 Years Old
Education N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Build N/A
Father’s Name Derrick Lamar Henry Jr.
Mother’s Name Adrianna Yasmin Rivas
Grandfather’s Name Derrick Henry Sr.
Grandmother’s Name Stacy Veal Henry
Siblings None
Net Worth $32 Million (as of 2022)
Social Media Presence InstagramFacebook
Derrick Henry’s Merch JerseyHoodieSigned Picture, Signed Mini Helmet
Last Update July, 2022

What is Derrick Henry, the father of Valentina Henry, Net Worth?

Valentina Henry lacks the maturity to build up a sizable net worth like her parents. But Derrick, her father, has amassed a substantial fortune through his affiliation with the Tennessee Titans. He currently has a net worth of about $32 million.

Derrick made his NFL debut in 2016 and has been a member of the Tennessee Titans since then. He initially agreed to a $5.4 million, 4-year deal. According to the cap hit information, he made an average base salary of $1.3 million and a cap hit of $2.1 million (guaranteed signing bonus).

Henry also agreed to a new contract for $15 million with the Titans for the 2020–21 campaign. Additionally, it appears that after agreeing to a $50 million, 4-year contract, he became a trailblazer for his team.

Derrick’s contract with the NFL states that he has total guarantees of $25.5 million, a $12 million signing bonus, and an annual salary of $12.5 million. His cumulative earnings throughout his six seasons with the Titans were more than $30.9 million. You may also read more about Rafael Fiziev

What does Derrick Henry, Valentina Henry’s father, do?

The fourth of January, 1994, saw the birth of Derrick Henry. He is a professional athlete who competes as a running back for the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans.

Florida’s Yulee is where Derrick Henry was born and reared. He allegedly established the high school football career rushing yardage record for the Yulee Hornets.

It’s interesting to note that Stacy Veal, Derrick’s mother, was only 15 years old when she gave birth to him. Derrick Henry Sr., his father, was only 16 years old at the time.

Although Derrick was reared in challenging circumstances, his father tried everything he could. According to reports, he said he wanted his son to have more than he had.

Derrick Henry Sr. spent the majority of his youth away from his son since he was incarcerated frequently. He and his younger sister were therefore reared by his grandma.

Derrick Henry, who is well-known for his distinctive dreadlock hair, is also lauded for his amazing strength. Nevertheless, he is too strong for a man of his size. Derrick cuts through second-level defensemen like butter.

King Henry is praised for his excellent game knowledge, composure under pressure, and awareness of the opposition. He also has an exceptional field of vision.

College | High School Career

Yulee High School was attended by Derrick Henry. He was also a standout athlete back then. He participated in basketball, football, and even the track squad.

Henry ran the 100-meter dash in 11.11 seconds, which is an impressive time. In terms of going to college, Henry enrolled at the University of Alabama, where he kept up his football career.

Derrick received his diploma on May 4, 2018. He wrote an article the very next day honoring his late grandmother for being an influence to him all his life. The Players’ Tribune published the article.

Derrick Henry enjoyed during a training session (Source:

Meet Adrianna Rivas

The mother of Valentina Henry! Joe Rivas and Simona Rivas welcomed Adrianna Rivas into the world on May 3, 1994. She grew up in Texas with her two brothers as the middle child.

The relationship manager of Digital Media Ninja in Dallas, Texas, is Rivas’ older brother. He obtained his University of Texas degree.

Adrianna Rivas also received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from the same university in May 2016. She started dating Henry in the same year.

She worked as an Account Executive for Technifax Office Solutions after graduating from college. Also she secured a job with Marriott International as a guest service agent.

How are Derrick, Adrianna, and Valentina Henry’s parents’ love lives going?

Adrianna Rivas and Derrick Henry had a daughter named Valentina. Although they had a lovely daughter together, the couple has not yet exchanged the holy vows.

According to what is known, the former has never been in a meaningful, committed relationship. Since he is reported to have had no casual affairs, no one can precisely locate them.

Similar to this, little is known about Adrianna Rivas’s relationships with other men prior to meeting Derrick. We have to accept that the well-known player was successful in keeping all the information secret. When we retrieve it, we’ll let you know more about the pair.

When is Valentina Henry, the daughter of Derrick Henry, born?

Her life is one that many people only imagine. She is the daughter of a National Football League player. She needs to be treated like a princess in a castle because she is the first kid in the family. The couple gave birth to their first child, Valentina Allure Henry, on May 18, 2020.

Derrick Henry recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday with his fiancée, and the two parents posted photos of their joy to Instagram to share with their followers.

Derrick Henry wished his daughter, Valentina Henry’s 1st birthday celebration. Source: Instagram @last_king_2

“Baby V turns 1,” the Instagram post begins, and is followed by a balloon and a confetti emoji. Derrick continued by including the words “Daddy loves you very much” and a heart emoji.

What are the body measurements of Valentina Henry, the daughter of Derrick Henry?

Valentina Henry entered the world in good health. However, her bodily measurements are being looked over. In the United States, a newborn baby girl typically weighs 7 pounds, 3 ounces. In the same vein, a newborn baby girl’s typical height in the USA is 20 inches.

We may therefore extrapolate her body measurement from the information provided. The only child of Henry and Adrianna also has stunning black hair and gorgeous brown eyes.

Use of social media:

Derrick Henry’s 2-year-old daughter is still too young to manage the social media sites. But on her mother’s Instagram, you may see more images of Valentina.

Adrianna Rivas’ Instagram account shows that she is frequently active. She frequently posted pictures of her daughter and her boyfriend.

Similarly, she made her pregnancy announcement and the impending arrival of her and her NFL star husband on the same platform. As a result, you can follow her account to see Valentina. The links in the following description,

Instagram account of Adrianna Rivas:@adriannarivas
Facebook page for Adrianna Rivas:  @adrianna.y.rivas
Instagram account of Derrick Henry:  @last_king_2
Twitter account of Derrick Henry @KingHenry_2

More images from her pregnant photoshoot are available on her Instagram.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Valentina Allure Henry was born when?

Valentine Henry, Derrick Henry’s daughter, was delivered in good health on May 8, 2020, at 5:10 p.m.

Does Derrick Henry have a wife?

The previous five years have seen Derrick and Valentine Allure’s biological mother Adrianna Rivas engage in a committed relationship. Although they are not yet married, the couple is content with their relationship.

Do Derrick Henry’s locks have dreads?

Yes, Derrick Henry, the winner of the Heisman Trophy, has quite a distinctive characteristic. It is yet another characteristic that sets the player apart.