Valeria Cavalli

Valeria Cavalli is a well-known Italian versatile actress, well known for her role as an Marie in the TV series Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes.

Actress Valeria Cavalli was born in Turin, Italy, on November 1, 1959. She is also a famous Italian model. She was born under the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

Quick Facts

Birth Date November 1,1959
Full Name Valeria Cavalli
Profession Actress
Nationality Italian
Birth City Turin


Since she was a little child, Cavalli has lived in her hometown with her family and siblings. Actress Cavalli from TI Dreamed of Africa hasn’t discussed her early years or upbringing in any of her social media accounts.

Since early on, she has always been a motivated individual. Cavalli has loved performing since she was a young girl.

Family Information

Since she was a little child, Cavalli has resided in her hometown with her family. She was raised by her parents, who watched after her with a lot of love and care. She seems to be quite attached to her family.

Valeria Cavalli is stunning in her white gown. (Source: Instagram account of Valeria Cavalli)

Additionally, she detests sharing her private information on social media. She has also kept her parents’ occupations and other personal details off social media.

What is Cavalli  educational level?

The specifics of Cavalli’s academic background are largely unknown. She has not provided any information regarding her educational background or the courses she has taken.

In her native Turin, Italy, Cavalli must have attended and completed her studies. It is uncertain, however, if she attended college or just finished high school.

What is Cavalli  height and Weight?

Valeria Cavalli has amazing dark eyes and black hair, and she looks stunning. She has a fair skin and an oval face shape. She also has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (178 cm), but Cavalli has never mentioned her weight. Also, she worries deeply about her appearance and health because she works as an actress.

What is Cavalli Relationships Status?

Valeria Cavalli, a single person, enjoys her life with her parents, siblings, and other family members. She has never been married or engaged before, and she is currently concentrating on her job.

Cavalli formerly dated an attractive man, but she hasn’t made his identity public on any of her social media. Like other famous people, actress Mizota prefers to keep her personal and romantic relationships a secret.

Career and Professional life

After completing her academic schooling, Cavalli, the actress from Moriah’s Lighthouse, returned home to begin her acting career. She began her acting career in 1979, but she rose to fame after playing Impiegata Aeroporto in the television film Colpo di Grazia Alla Sezione III.

She went on to portray numerous roles in numerous TV series, short films, and movies, becoming a well-known TV series actress in the process. Furthermore, she participated in numerous dance performances and theatrical productions in order to advance her acting profession.

TV shows and movies

Cavalli, the star of The Five Last Minutes, has been in other short films. Examples include Troubadours Celestes, Et toi, ça va?, Departures, Beneath Our Footprints, Kaamelott, Temps Velours, La lettera, Steadycam, and more. She puts a lot of effort into her work.

Image of Valeria Cavalli from a motion picture (Source: Instagram account of Valeria Cavalli)

She has took on numerous roles in various TV series as an actress. A few examples include Germinal, The Rats, Le time est assassin, Seven and Me, Magellan, I misteri di Laura, Les Petits Meurtres d’Agatha Christie, Mes amis, mes amours, mes emmerdes, Bulletproof Heart, R.I.S. Police scientifique, and more.

In TV films like Moriah’s Lighthouse, Des frères et des soeurs, Trahie, Un Viol, Coco Chanel, Fuga con Marlene, Caccia segreta, Le vrai coupable, Questo amore, Mother Teresa, and others, she also had a significant role. In addition to acting, Cavalli also produced a few short films and TV shows.

Cavalli In Boulevard Du Palais

Valeria played the role of Mathilde admirably in the well-known criminal, dramatic thriller, and mystery series The Boulevard Du Palais. Thierry Jonquet, Anne Richard, Jean-François Balmer, Philippe Ambrosini, and Olivier Saladin were the creators of the show. A 6.7 out of 10 rating was given to the show.

The show centers on a character named Judge Nadia Lintz, who works with Philippe Rovere, a commander, to solve the city’s challenging criminal cases.

On February 26, 1999, the first episode of the show was made available. There are a total of seventeen seasons and 65 episodes in the series. In addition, the series’ final episode debuted on June 28, 2017.

How much is Cavalli Net Worth?

Acting is Valeria Cavalli’s main source of income because she is a prominent TV and movie actor. Her acting profession has brought in a sizable sum of money for her.

Finding Cavalli’s monthly pay or contract with some of the production businesses is a little challenging, though. However, Cavalli’s overall net worth can be calculated to be $1.5 million. She appears to reside in a mansion with her parents, siblings, and other family members given her estimated net worth.

Valeria In R.I.S, police scientifique

Valeria played the role of Corinne Courbesac admirably in the well-known criminal, dramatic thriller, and mystery series The R.I.S. police Scientifique. The series was created by renowned screenwriter Stéphane Kaminka. The show received a score of 4 out of 10.

A group of police crime lab specialists in the French police crime lab attempt to solve the city’s crimes in the story’s central plot. It mostly depicts the hardships of police work.

Photograph of Valeria Cavalli and her crew from a TV show (taken from Valeria Cavalli’s Instagram)

On January 12, 2006, the series’ introductory episode was made available. Eight seasons and one hundred episodes make up the whole run of the show. In addition, the series’ final episode debuted on February 20, 2014.

Valeria Victoire, or the Pain of Women, on IMDb Currently, Valeria has 121 acting credits listed on her IMDb website under her own name. She also earned four credits for herself.

Her profile also includes a brief biography, accolades, nominations, and other personal information. She receives director, producer, and thanks credits in addition to the rest of the credits.


Valeria has never been the subject of any rumors or disputes. Because she dislikes attracting attention, she hasn’t yet been the subject of any gossip.

Disparations, go back to the origins The actress Cavalli maintains her privacy and withholds a lot of information about her family and personal life. She also has a very humble disposition, which prevents her from being the subject of rumors.

Is Cavalli active on social media?

There are various social media sites where you may find Valeria Cavalli. Her Instagram is where she is more active. She doesn’t have a confirmed official user account on Twitter. However, some of her supporters may construct Twitter accounts with her name.

With more than 9.7k followers on Instagram, Cavalli is active there. @valeriacavallireal is her username on social media. The majority of the images and videos are taken on her film sets or for her own delight. Through her Instagram posts and tales, she enjoys sharing the images and details of her team.

Additionally, she has published more than seventy times on Instagram and has more than 3,800 followers. This makes it clear that she uses her Instagram account more frequently.

Additionally, there is an official fan page for Valeria Cavalli with the Facebook login @Valeria Cavalli – Official Fanpage. This page is being followed by more than 800 people and has received more than 766 likes. Whether Cavalli created the page or not is not known.

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