Quick facts

Net Worth $10 million
Date of Birth: July 21, 1951
Gender: Female
Height: 1.67 m
Profession: Actress
Nationality: American

Celebrities, like us, are human, therefore there’s always something to gossip about them about, whether it’s good or bad news. We all desire to be connected in some way. That is why we are discussing celebrity Valerie Velardi. She was the ex-wife of the man who had extramarital affairs with various women. She couldn’t do anything about her husband’s because he was at his height at the time and could obtain any lady he wanted with the help of this spell. Finally, the only option left was divorce.

Valerie has been concealed from the public for many years, but she has lately gained media attention after speaking out in the documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind. Robin’s admirers were anxious to discover more about his ex-wife after that. Valerie Velardi is now married to Ricky Fataar, a South African multi-instrumentalist.


Valeri Velardi was born in Connecticut on July 21, 1951, to Leonard and Dee Velardi. She grew raised and received her education in Connecticut, United States. Valeri’s sister is Leslie. Leonard, Peter, and Theron Velardi are her three brothers. Each of the five siblings is particularly affectionate toward the others.

Valerie was the Velardi family’s eldest child. Her life, however, was not easy. Her parents divorced when she was only 12 years old. Valerie and her siblings had previously lived with their father. Leonard Velardi’s eldest daughter had to work and care for her younger siblings because it was tough for him to raise his children alone.

What is the education Level of Valerie?

Velardi, Valerie Valerie, on the other hand, had not abandoned her schooling because of familial concerns. After finishing high school, she graduated from St. Mary’s High School in New Haven, Connecticut. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dance Education from Goddard College in Vermont and a Master’s degree in Dance Education from Mills College in California.

Is Valerie Velardi  Single?

Valerie Velardi was Williams’ first wife, having married three of the late actor-comedian’s marriages. In San Francisco in the mid-1970s, they met at a bar where Williams was serving before his career took off.

They connected instantly and married after 2 years of dating, on June 4, 1978. They were married for ten years before divorcing on December 6, 1988.  In the 2018 documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, Velardi said that Williams was unfaithful during their marriage and knew and accepted her husband saying that:

“He loved women. Absolutely loved women. And I got it. I understood and I wanted him to have that, but I also wanted him to come home”

Valerie Velardi Facts:

  • She attends the burning man festival in Black Rock
  • She has two lizards, one Perrot and one iguana.
  • Valerie manages her Instagram profile by her own self.
  • She likes to spend her time on the beach and with her grandchild.
  • She enjoys celebrating Halloween with her spouse.

How Old is Valerie Velardi?

She is 70 years old.

Valerie Velardi Net Worth:

Her net worth is $10 million

Valerie Salary:

Her salary per year is estimated at $ 4,00,000 dollars

Valerie Velardi Height:

Her height is 1.67 m.

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