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American social media influencer Victoria Triece, also known online as Victoria Snooks, was born on March 31, 1991, making her 31 years old. She has a sizable fan base on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Victoria is well-known for the sexy explicit stuff she provides on her OnlyFans account and is also affiliated with the adult entertainment sector.

Quick Facts

Real Name Victoria Triece.
Aka Victoria Snooks.
Profession Social Media Influencer.
Age 31.
Birth Date March 31, 1991.
Lives in Orlando, Florida, America.
Gender Female.
Nationality American.
Zodiac Aries.
Ethnicities Caucasian.
Parents Father: —
Mother: —
Follow on
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YouTube YouTube
OnlyFans OnlyFans
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Love Life
Husband | Boyfriend
Kids Two.
Body Measurements
Height feet: 5′ 3″.
centimeters: 160 cm.
meters: 1.6 m.
Weight Kg: 47.
Pounds: 103.6 lbs.
Eyes Grey.
Hair Blonde.
Famous As OnlyFans Model.
Monthly Earnings $27k.
Net worth $ 938.89 K.

Who is Victoria Triece, a.k.a. Victoria Snooks, an OnlyFans model?

Snooks usually stays in the spotlight for her stunning photos, but these days she is frequently mentioned in the news due to a lawsuit she brought against Sand Lake Elementary School. Triece said that because of her line of work, the school administration had prohibited her from helping at the school where her kids attend. Pamibaby Age, Height, Weight, Salary, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family & Biography

Victoria-Snooks. Source: Instagram

She had volunteered for five years, but just received word that she would no longer be able to do so and spend more time with her children on campus because other parents had sent administrators photographs from her OF account.

Who is the husband and boyfriend of Victoria Trice?

There are speculations that the American model Victoria Snooks, who enjoys getting tattoos, is currently single. She has, however, undoubtedly had relationships in the past; as a result, she has two lovely children, whose names we are withholding in order to respect their privacy. Semaj Coleman Age, Height, Weight, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family & Biography

Victoria-Snooks-Victoria-Triece-with-Jose-Reyes. Source: Instagram

Triece’s former partner is unknown at the moment, but our staff is working to learn more specific details. She is thought to be unmarried at the moment since she is so particular.

Intention to File a $1 Million Lawsuit

Victoria’s lawyer, Mark Nejame, disclosed in a news conference that his client plans to sue the school district for at least $1 million as a result of the awful and oppressive behavior shown by administrators.

Victoria-Triece-Sued-Sand-Lake-Elementary. Source: Google

Just so you know, no rule could prohibit someone from volunteering at a school based on their occupation. Additionally, the model has no criminal history, thus Orange County Public board members have no jurisdiction to forbid Victoria from volunteering.

How old is Victoria Triece?

Victoria Triece, also known as Victoria Snooks, was born in Orlando, Florida, on March 31, 1991. She is currently 31 years old. Triece has always been an open-minded individual who dislikes being constrained by the restrictions of the traditional world. Jake Ryan Age, Height, Weight, Salary, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family & Biography

Victoria-Triece-height-and-weight. Source: Instagram

Snooks excelled academically and in sports during her time at school. Her love of sports has always encouraged her to keep healthy and give special attention to her fitness, which may be the reason for her attractive body.

Like her peers, Victoria began looking for work after high school, but she soon recognized she wasn’t cut out for a 9 to 5 career and began looking into alternative options. She started posting content and changed the privacy settings on her Instagram account to public in August 2017.

How much money does Victoria Snooks make each month, and how rich is she?

Triece struggled throughout her first few years on Instagram since she was still learning how to optimize her postings. She eventually gained more followers on Instagram as her images gained popularity. She gradually expanded her Twitter fan base as well. Maegan Hall Wiki, Age, Husband, Instagram, Parents, Height, Weight & More

Victoria-Triece-with-her-car. Source: Instagram

Snooks joined the lip-syncing site in 2019, when TikTok’s popularity began to soar. She was inspired to publish more videos of this type after her first one acquired more than 21k views. On TikTok, Victoria currently has over 272k followers and 4.4 million likes.

Triece joined OnlyFans after building up a sizable fan base; it was a brave choice, but Snooka didn’t give it much thought because she knew it would free her up from a 9 to 5 job and give her more time to spend with her children. currently makes over $27k each month and is worth $938k, according to reports.


Ques: How many kids does Victoria Triece have?

Ans: Two.

Ques: When does Victoria Triece’s birthday fall?

Ans: March 31.

Ques: Where does Victoria Triece live?

Ans: Orlando, Florida, America.

Ques: What is the Instagram username of Victoria Triece?

Ans: @victoriasnooks.’

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