Violet Moon Howey

Facts of Violet Moon Howey

Full Name Violet Moon Howey
Nationality American
Date of Birth 2015//
Birth Country America
Birth Place United States
Ethnicity white
Father Name Sarah Shahi
Mother Name Steve Howey
Grand Father Name Mahmonir Shahi
Grand Mother Name Abbas Shahi
Sexual Orientation straight

At just five years old, Violet Moon Howey is at the center of media attention, not because of her work but because of her parents. That’s right; she is a celebrity child and is the daughter of prominent US figures. It has been a common trend among the people who want to learn more about celebrities’ family. So, let’s find out who her parents are and more about her life!

Violet Moon Howey’s birth, parents, and siblings

The famous American couple Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey have just one child, Violet Moon Howey. Her mother is a well-known American personality, and both of her parents are performers and actresses.

The actor from Shameless and the actress from Person of Interest wed in Las Vegas on February 7, 2009, in front of their loved ones. William Wolf Howey, Violet’s older brother, was the couple’s first child and was born prior to Violet. In July 2009, only five months after her parents’ wedding, William was born.

Violet Moon Howey’s parents Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey. Source: Patrick McMullan

In the fall of 2014, Sarah discovered she was expecting a child and announced the news to the public. After a few months of waiting, she gave birth to Violet on March 1, 2015, together with her brother Knox Blue Howey. The actress lives in Los Angeles, where both of her kids were born.

The famous child is undeniably happy with her family. She occasionally appears with her parents at premieres and parties. Due to their fame, Violet’s parents seldom ever post pictures of her and her siblings on Instagram. You may also like  Frank Ntilikina

Violet Moon Howey with her parents Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey and siblings, William Wolf Howey and Knox Blue Howey. Source: Zimbio

A few days ago, Sarah tweeted a photo of herself cuddling her kids and wrote that having them was the greatest honor and privilege she had ever had.

What is the Net Worth of Violet Moon Howey ?

She isn’t a child, as you might anticipate, thus she doesn’t have a net worth. On the other side, her parents are renowned American performers and actresses.

Sarah Shahi, Violet’s mother, is a former professional cheerleader with a $3 million net worth. In addition, her grandfather is a well-known actor who has acted in movies and television productions including DOA: Dead or Alive, Supercross, and Shameless. He will be $2 million in wealth by the year 2022.

Regarding their assets, the couple owns a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, California. Although the house’s worth is unknown, it is thought to be in the millions of dollars.