Wes Parker

An exciting life is a life worth living. There are only memories to cherish and reflect on at your old age. Wes Parker, a former American Professional Baseball Player, is one such person who has lived an extraordinary and wondrous life.

Parker is currently 82 years old and in good health. He has played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has won a World Championship Series with them.

Along with winning numerous awards, Parker has worked as an actor, broadcaster, and businessman.

Today, we will learn about Wes Parker and the journey of his life. But, before learning about him in-depth, let’s look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full Name Maurice Wesley “Wes” Parker III
Date of Birth November 13, 1939
Birth Place Evanston, Illinois
Nick Name None
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Qualifications High school and College Graduate
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Mary Josyln
Siblings Celia Parker and Lyn Parker
Age 82 Years Old
Height 6 ft 1 inch (1.85 m)
Weight 180 pounds (81 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Uniform Number #6 (Nankai Hawks)
Profession Baseball player, Film Star
Position First Baseman and Out-Fielder
Affiliation Los Angeles Dodgers, Nankai Hawks
Active Years 1964 – 1974
Marital Status Unknown
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Net Worth $10 Million
Awards and Recognition World Series Champion (1965)

6x Gold Glove Award (1967 -1972)

All-time Gold Gloves Team

Diamond Glove (1974)

Merch Rookie Card, Autographed Card, Baseball Card
Last Update July, 2022

Early life, childhood, and family of Wes Parker

Former professional baseball player Maurice Wesley “Wes” Parker III, also known as simply Wes Parker. Both the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Nippon Professional Baseball have used Wes Parker as a player (NPB).

On November 13, 1939, Wes Parker was born in Evanston, Illinois. Parker is his parents’ middle child. He has a younger brother named Lyn Parker and a sister named Celia Parker.

Parker’s family was wealthy, thus he was able to grow up in a tranquil and happy environment. Parker’s father, a native of the Boston region, makes a fortune by selling casualty insurance.

Similar like Parker, Parker’s father met Mary Josyln, his wife, while on vacation in Chicago. It’s interesting to note that Mary’s father owned a vacation home in Bel Air, one of the wealthy areas of the nation in California.

Career Options

Wes Parker detested the thought of carrying on his father’s career in the insurance industry. But after working in the insurance sector for a while, Parker decided to join a Santa Monica-based business.

Parker instead chose to fill a managerial position at a manufacturing company because the World War was causing so much chaos in the world. To give the military the necessary armaments, the firm produced bomb pieces.

Demand decreased as the conflict came to an end. Parker acquired the business and started producing steel kitchen cabinets. The company, after the purchase, was renamed Parker Manufacturing Company.

Parker, who had a vivacious personality, also pursued other business opportunities. Parker soon began working in the industrial real estate sector. The real estate industry was lucrative and had a greater premium on value.

Beginnings of Baseball

Ned Bowler, a Little League coach, saw Wes Parker’s potential as a baseball player. When Parker was 11 years old, the instructor reportedly played a significant role in influencing his baseball strategy.

Coach Ned Bowler also imparted to Parker the idea of doing your best and downplaying the significance of winning. As a result, these teachings turned into practical pillars that helped Parker reach the Major League and the pinnacles of achievement.

Charlie Dressen, a scout with the Los Angeles Dodgers, monitored Parker’s baseball skills at the same time. Parker’s play was monitored by Dressen, who is also friends with Parker’s father, throughout high school and college.

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education and additional interests

The Harvard Military School

At what is now known as Harvard Westlake School, Wes Parker attended Harvard Military Academy. Grenville C. Emery founded the school on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles in 1900.

Wes Parker’s participation in intramural athletics at Harvard is an amazing truth. At Harvard, Parker participated in track, football, and basketball intramurals. Parker also frequently participated in Harvard’s baseball squad.

Football is Parker’s second favorite sport, and he has admitted that he likes it. The adaptable Parker participated in collegiate football as both a quarterback and a safety.

College for Men in Claremont

Parker won the Olympic League MVP Award as a student at Harvard thanks to his outstanding performance on the field. Although he excelled in sports, UCLA and USC turned him down due to his C grade point average.

Wes Parker decided to attend Claremont Men’s College, which is now Claremont McKenna College. At first, Parker was considering a career in medicine. But in order to investigate the field, Parker also accepted a position as an orderly at the Santa Monica Hospital.

Parker admitted in an interview that he at first thought he wanted to be a doctor. He eventually realized, nevertheless, that he lacked the commitment necessary to pursue the objective.

Parker first enrolled at Claremont McKenna College but then changed his enrollment to the University of Southern California. He received his Bachelor of Arts in History from USC.


Parker left for Europe to make up his mind after becoming very confused about what he wanted to do with his life. He saw three options in front of him. Parker was presented with three equally tempting options.

First, he would be able to work for his father at his business. Second, he may ask his father to set him up with a job selling stocks or at a company like Carnation. Thirdly, he had the choice to return home and seek a baseball playing career.

Parker made an easy decision to pursue baseball because he loved it and had a desire for it. Parker reconnected with Charlie Dressen, a friend of his father’s, and they talked about possibilities and ways to advance in baseball.

Scout for the Dodgers Charlie Dressen made the decision to assist and secured him a berth on the rookie squad.

Wes Parker’s Height, Age, and Physical Description

In July 2022, Wes Parker will turn 82 years old. Parker’s zodiac sign is Scorpio because he was born on November 13th.

People with the zodiac sign Scorpio are known for having a strong will, sensitivity, and compassionate attitude.

Parker still maintains his health and leads a good life at the age of 81. Watch Parker discuss “Good Health” on California Life HD in the clip below.

He says, “I adore being healthy. Since I was a young child, I have strived to be healthy.

Parker has a height of 6 feet, 1 inch (185 cm). He also weighs 180 lbs (81 kg).

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Baseball Career of Wes Parker

Parker gradually made his way up to the first team after Charlie Dressen connected him to the Dodgers rookie team. Parker also agreed to a contract with the Dodgers in December 1972.

The Albuquerque Dukes and the Santa Barbara Dodgers

Parker was transferred to the Santa Barbara Dodgers, though, not long after signing with the Dodgers. He later played for the Albuquerque Dukes in the Double-A Texas League after his stint with Santa Barabara.

Parker played 92 times for Santa Barbara and hit.305. Parker played 26 times for Albuquerque and hit.350 while doing so.

Dodgers of Los Angeles (1964–1972)

After the LA Dodger defeated the New York Yankees, Buzzie Bavasi, the team’s manager at the time, purchased Parker from the Spokane Indians.

Parker is now qualified to train with the team and is ready for selection for the 25-man roster after Buzzie added him to the 40-man roster.

After that, Wes Parker enjoyed working out with the Dodgers’ team and called the 1964 Spring Training “phenomenal.” Parker consequently joined the first team and began vying for a starting position.

On April 19, 1964, the player made his MLB debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Parker spent nine years as a Los Angeles Dodgers player. He was mostly an outfielder and first baseman. Parker also threw left and batted right. Parkers appeared in 1288 games with the Dodgers throughout those nine years.

Freshman Season

On April 19, 1964, Wes Parker made his LA Dodgers debut. He was 24 years old. Parked played 124 times and saw 240 plate appearances with the Dodgers in his debut season (PA). His final season line was.357/.303/.341.

With the Dodgers, Parker captured the World Series championship in 1965. He questioned whether he was competent enough to play high, though, during the tournament.

Parker proved all of his skepticism about a strong performance against the Minnesota Twins by hitting.304, driving in a home run, and contributing to his team’s 7-2 victory.

Parker went to the Rochester Mayo Clinic for a checkup soon after the World Series was over. He needed an x-ray of his dislocated shoulder as well as some allergy tests.

Following the required medical checkup, Parker began gaining weight and gaining muscle. He also started taking milk and protein supplements to provide an extra 1800 calories each day. Parker took this action to fortify his mental fortitude and improve his physical well-being.

Parker won the Gold Glove Award for his outstanding performance on the field. Between 1967 and 1972, he played first base and was given the honor six times. He earned a reputation as the first baseman with the best fielding skills ever.

The Best Performances

Parker also played a career-high 161 games in a single season in 1970, setting a new record. He also hit ten home runs and had a batting average of.319, both of which were career highs.

Up May 7, 1970, Parker put on one of his most memorable games against the New York Mets. Parker made a cycle of hits (single, double, triple, and a home run in the same game).

Parker appeared in 287 games for the Dodgers over the course of the following two seasons. In 1971 and 1972, he also recorded batting averages of.274 and.179.

Parker spent nine seasons and 1288 appearances with the Dodgers. He was able to bat.267 while compiling 548 runs, 64 home runs, and 470 RBI. Parker played first base in 1,108 games overall, compiling a fielding percentage of.996.

Recognition & Awards

World Series winner (1965)

Golden Glove Award six times (1967–1972)

MLB Gold Glove Award over time

Best Baseman on Defense (August 21, 2007)

Diamond Hand (1974)

On August 21, 2007, Parker was chosen as the best defensive baseman. In addition, he was named to the MLB All-Time Gold Glove Team.

Parker, though, became the lone member of the Gold Glove Team who was not inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Parker had participated in nine seasons of league competition at the time. For a player to be eligible for the honor, they must have played 10 MLB seasons. Parker remains the only member of the Dodgers to have won the All-Time Gold Glove Team honor in spite of this.

Hawks of Nankai (1974)

Parker shifted continents and signed with the Nankai Hawks in 1974 after departing the Los Angeles Dodger. The Nippon Professional Baseball League is home to the Nankai Hawks and Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (NPB).

Parker did a good job of adjusting to life abroad. Parker played 128 games despite just having one season with the Japanese teams. He was able to hit 15 home runs while maintaining a batting average of.301.

The defensive qualities and abilities of Wes Parker never really diminished. He soon rose to fame even in Japan for his incisive defense. He consequently took home the Diamond Glove, which is Japan’s equivalent of the Golden Gloves.

Parker enjoyed his time in Japan, but he also experienced the isolation that comes with being an American abroad. Additionally, Parker, a cheerful individual, encountered difficulties effectively communicating owing to linguistic hurdles. He eventually went back to America.

Wes Parker | Career Stats

Career 22.9 4157 1110 64 .267 548 470 60 .351 .375

Wes Parker | Personal Life

In 1973, the year between Parker’s time in America and Japan, Parker worked as a television color analyst. After that, he worked for the Cincinnati Reds, another MLB outfit in the country.

Wes Parker has also worked as a sports broadcaster. NBC and the USA Network have employed Parker as a baseball broadcaster in 1978-79 and 1980-83.

Wes Parker & Film Industry

The versatile player and personality continued in life in his next journey. His next destination would be TV and Hollywood. Parker began pursuing an acting career and started applying for roles in different projects.

During the 70s, Parker was featured in several movies and TV shows. For example, Parker played the role of Greg Brady‘s math teacher in episode number 17 of The Brady Bunch.

Likewise, Parker has been featured in different movies. Pleasure Cove, The Courage and the Passion, and Cry From The Mountain are some movies played by Wes Parker.

Religious Beliefs

Wes Parker is a Christian and is aligned with the views of Christianity. However, Parker always wasn’t a believing person. In a 1982 broadcast, Parker revealed that he never had understood Christianity and wasn’t drawn towards it.

That was until he met Dr. Gene Scott, American pastor and teacher of the Voice of Faith ministry. After meeting Dr. Scott and learning through his intelligent and fact-based approach, Parker built his faith.

Wes Parker | Net Worth, Income & Investments

Wes Parker has accumulated his net worth and wealth through his playing career in baseball and other endeavors.

Likewise, Parker has invested funds in real estate as well. He recently listed his LA house on the market for $7.2 million. Furthermore, Wes comes from an affluent and wealthy family.

According to online sources, WES PARKER’S NET WORTH IS $10 MILLION

Wes Parker | Wife & Relationship

Parker is a private man in regard to his relationship. Parker’s relationship status is still unverified despite plenty of news and rumors surrounding his relationship.

Likewise, we cannot confirm whether he is married or not.

Wes Parker | Social Media Presence

Unfortunately, Wes Parker is not on any social media platforms. However, you can still learn about him and check out his highlights and interviews on Google and Youtube.

Wes Parker | Frequently Asked Questions

What teams did Wes Parker play for?

Wes Parker has played for MLB outfits Los Angeles Dodgers and Japanese team Nankai Hawks.

Is Wes Parker on band camp?

No, the former Dodger player is not on band camp. However, someone with the same name as the baseballer is mentioned in it.

What awards has Wes Parker won?

As a player, Parker has won six Golden Gloves awards, Diamond Glove, and has been included in the All-Time Gold Glove Award. He is also a World Series Champion.

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Has Wes Parker worked at Ares Management Corporation?

No, the first baseman did not work at Ares Management Corporation.

When did Wes Parker retire?

Parker retired from professional baseball just eight days after turning 33 and following the conclusion of the 1972 MLB season. He claimed that he wanted to have a “more settled life” and enjoy other life endeavors while he was still young.

Furthermore, he stated that he had given ten years of his life to baseball and has had enough. Nevertheless, the former athlete is not bitter at baseball and cited that he still loves baseball but wants to give time to other things that he loves to do as well.

Does Wes Parker have a profile on the perfect game?

Since he played from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, he probably does not have a profile on the perfect game, which is “devoted to furthering the development and career of the talented high school baseball players.”

What was Wes Parker’s jersey number with the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The baseballer’s jersey number with the Los Angeles Dodgers was 28.

(Make sure to comment down below if any information regarding Wes Parker is missing.)