William Nadylam

Today’s topic will be William Nadylam, a further French actor and artist. Nadylam, William is a well-known French actor well-known for portraying many independent characters in his television programs and films. He is one of those performers who never runs out of movies each year, despite the fact that his acting career has not been particularly well-known.

William Nadylam is well-known for his classic sense of style and films. He is most likely recognized by the characters Ben, Lawrence, and Adama if you are familiar with some of the classic 2009 films. He is currently one of the up-and-coming actors in French cinema and is well-known for his recent performances in the TV series Parlement. So how is a French pop star’s life going? Let’s read his biography to learn everything we can about him!

Quick Facts

How old is William Nadylam?

By 2022, he will be about 55 years old. William was born in Monte Pellier, France, on August 2, 1966. He is French by nationality and African French by ethnicity because he was born in France. Father Georges de Caunes and mother Jacqueline Joubert are his parents.

William Nadylam heroic pose(Source: IMDb)

He also has a brother named Eric Duret, despite the fact that this is not listed on his Wikipedia page. Additionally, there is a rumor that he has a sister, but there is no online information about her.

What is the location of William education?

Information regarding his academic background is scarce. He might not go to as many interviews these days because of this. However, it appears that certain information concerning his academic background has been outsourced to the media. He appears to be a trained actor who first worked as a full-time actor in the French film industry after receiving training at Cera Greh and Tania Balachova.

What part does William play in Fantastic Beasts?

He achieved fame with the 2018 release of the hit film Fantastic Beasts. William portrayed Yusuf Kama in the film. Even though he didn’t play a very important part in the film, the crowd loved the way he acted. His casting in The Parlement happened right after he concluded filming on Fantastic Beasts.

This brand-new political science-themed television series premiered in 2020. As of 2022, he is still performing as the role Eamon Geraghty.

Who Is the partner of William Nadylam?

William Nadylam at magnificent beast red carpet(Source: IMDb)

He was single and not dating anyone as of March 2022. William, who is beyond 50, is more concerned with his career than his age. He is also one of those famous people that like to live a private life. Due to this, we are also unaware of his previous romantic status. He therefore does not currently have a life partner. Information on his children is kept private, just as that of his wife.

How much William Nadylam uses social media ?

Right now, Instagram is William’s main social media platform. He goes by the handle @williamnadylam on social media. Although he only has 897 followers on Instagram, his account is verified. If you’re interested in learning more about his next initiatives and lifestyle, we advise you to follow him on Instagram.

What is the net worth of William Nadylam?

He is one of those performers that, as we previously stated, never runs out of movies to appear in. He has already completed filming two films and a television series as of 2022. By mid-2022, his other movies will be available. He also represents the Yeezy shoe line. What may the estimated net worth of such a well-known and dedicated French actor be? Although William has kept his wealth a secret, it is estimated that he is worth $5 million.

How tall is William Nadylam?

William has never given the media any information regarding his height. His actual height is closer to 6 feet and 3 inches than his apparent height of 6 feet 6 inches. He has a typical African French face, weighs around 65 kg, and has black hair and dark brown eyes. In addition, Leo is his zodiac sign.

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