Wolfgang Serratos Boyd

Quick Facts

Birth Date May 14,2017
Full Name Wolfgang Serratos Boyd
Birth Name Wolfgang Serratos Boyd
Profession Celebrity kid
Nationality American
Birth Country USA
Father Name David Boyd
Father Profession Singer, Songwriter and Dancer
Mother Name Christian Serratos
Mother Profession Actress
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Single

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd is a daughter of Christian Serratos, an American actress, and her husband, David Boyd, a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Her mother is also known as the star of The Walking Dead.

The celebrity kid was born on 14 May 2017 in the USA. Their parents want to give her a unique name, named Wolfgang Serratos Boyd, aka Wolf. For information, her mother’s full name is Christian Marie Bernardi. Let’s learn a little bit more about her and her celebrity parents.

Personal Life Of Wolfgang Serratos Boyd

Only four years old, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd. She is therefore too young to be in a romantic relationship of any kind. In actuality, she is more in need of her parents’ love and care than she is of a romantic relationship.

Wolfgang Serratos Boyd’s Photo Has Not Been Released on Social Media.
Instagram account of Christian, @christianserratos

On the other hand, her well-known parents have been very cautious of her young daughter online; they share pictures of her, but they never show her face completely to safeguard her privacy. The infant girl is currently interacting with her parents.

Are Wolfgang Serratos Boyd’s Parents Married? 

Parents of Wolfgang Serratos Boyd are well-known: Christian, an actress, 30, and Danish-American singer David, 33, have not yet exchanged wedding vows. Despite not getting married, they had a kid together.

The parents of Wolfgang Serratos Boyd have not yet wed.
Instagram account of Christian, @christianserratos

The couple began dating in 2014. Since that time, they have had an amicable girlfriend-boyfriend relationship free of rumors. They will certainly get married eventually, but for the time being, they appear to be focused on their careers.

In addition, the American actress is a fervent advocate for animal rights. She has starred in a number of PETA commercials advocating a vegan lifestyle.

What is the Net Worth of Boyd?

Since Wolfgang Serratos Boyd is too young to work, she benefits from her parents’ fortune. Similar like Kaavia James Union Wade, another famous child, her parents’ wealth allows them to live a nice life.

Early in 2022, Celebrity Net Worth reported that Wolf’s mother has a net worth of $2 million. The native Californian made her whole fortune through her work as an actress. The Walking Dead, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Selena: The Series, Twilight, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, etc. are just a few of her well-known works.

Christian Marie Bernardi, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd’s mother, enjoys $2 million worth of goods.
Instagram account of Christian, @christianserratos

Her father, a well-known rock singer, musician, and dancer who is a member of the band New Politics, has a net worth of $500,000. When the lights come on, letting you go, good as you, and other songs are some of his top hits. Additionally, he performs live performances frequently, where he may make a nice living.

Private Life

Wolfgang Serratos Boyd is much too young to be dating. She is just four years old, and no information about her has been released. But. Her parents were romantically involved. Christian, her mother, married David Boyd, her long-time lover.

Her father is a singer who is Danish and American. The actual day of the wedding isn’t known. Christian and David, on the other hand, have been together since 2004.

Furthermore, there have been no allegations of extramarital relationships, and they have been living peacefully together. There have been no rumors or conflicts about Christian. As a result, Wolfgang’s parents have successfully managed their personal and professional lives.

There are also no rumors of their separation or extramarital activities. Furthermore, it seems that the family want to avoid any form of controversy or confrontation. Rather of getting caught up in issues, she has been completely focused on her job.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Wolfgang Serratos Boyd’s parts have yet to post a picture of her on social media. Her parents also want her to stay away from the spotlight and celebrity.

As a result, there is no information on her eye and hair color, height, weight, or other personal characteristics. Wolfgang Serratos Boyd, on the other hand, was born healthy and continues to be healthy.

She’s also just four years old, which is much too early for her to have a social network account. Her parents have also sought to keep her out of the spotlight.