Yung Gravy

Quick Facts

Name Matthew Raymond Hauri
Age 26 years
Date of birth March 19, 1996
Nationality American and Swiss
Gender Male
Occupation Rapper
Zodiac Pisces
Net worth $2,000,000

American rapper, composer, and music producer Yung Gravy is well-known for his successful songs including “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot and Blue Thot,” “iunno,” and “Mr. Clean.” He has worked with quite a few well-known musicians since he began his career.

Yung Gray’s biography, career, girlfriend, parents, age, siblings, siblings, net worth, education, height, wife, and a few more intriguing facts about him are all included in this page.

Childhood And Family

Yung Gravy, who is 26 years old, was born Matthew Raymond Hauri on March 19, 1996 in the USA. He hails from Rochester, Minnesota, in the United States of America, and has Pisces as his birth sign. He is a dual citizen of Switzerland and the United States due to his birth.

His parents, Peter Johannes Hauri and Cynthia Cleveland Hauri, raised him. As it stands, Peter Johannes Hauri, his father, was a Swiss-American insomnia psychologist who was born in 1933 and passed away at the age of 80 in 2013. Additionally, he is one of three siblings (two sisters and a brother): Katrin Kasper, David Courard-Hauri, and Heidi Hauri-Gill

Body Measurement

His mixed White ancestry can be traced back to both America and Switzerland. And speaking of that, he has white skin. He does, however, have blonde hair and blue eyes. His body is 41, 32, and 34 inches in length, respectively.

Yung Gravy is reported to be 1.9 meters, 1930 millimeters, or 193 centimeters tall, standing six feet three inches tall. He is 71 kilos (156 pounds) in weight, and he wears a size 9 shoe (U.S.). Pasta is his preferred food, while green is his favored hue.

Career And Education

Hauri graduated from Mayo High School with a high school diploma. He then continued on to the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison in Wisconsin where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing. He earned his degree in December 2017.

He began rapping for entertainment during his time at the University of Wisconsin, according to a Wikipedia entry. According to the same story, Yung Gravy began his professional career on SoundCloud after being inspired by Lil Peep and Lil Yachty’s ascent to prominence. He left his work and spent all of his time taping himself.

Yung Gravy, who began working in the industry at the age of 20, gained fame in 2017 after his song “Mr. Clean” went popular online. As it stands, Matthew Raymond Hauri is credited as drawing inspiration from 1960s and 1950s soul and oldies songs as well as 1980s and 1970s soul and funk music.


Moreover, his musical style is mostly satirical, groovy, and humorous. And since his career started, Yung Gravy has released several songs, including but not limited to these:

  • Mr. Clean
  • Iunno
  • 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot and Blue Thot
  • Gravy Train
  • Betty (Get Money)
 Yung Gravy stated in an interview that he finds inspiration in hip-hop groups Outkast and Three 6 Mafia as well as soul musicians Smokey Robinson and The Black Byrds. Yung has so far put out seven EPs, three albums, and one mixtape. He has also performed on stage alongside well-known artists like Ugly God and D.R.A.M. Justin Goldman. Along with Jason Rich, Stars bbno$, and Englewood, he is connected to them.

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He is one of the nominees for the Juno Awards’ Rap Recording of the Year category, as a side note. His musical styles include anything from trap to hip-hop and soul.

Do you know the Relationship Status of Yung?

There have been hints that Yung Gravy and Sheri Nicole Easterling, Addison Rae’s mother, are dating. Everyone believed that when Yung and Sheri were seen kissing on August 28th during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. They were frequently spotted together and were thought to be dating.

However, it was revealed that Yung Gravy and Sheri’s relationship was only a publicity gimmick. Us Weekly, which claimed that Yung and Gravy ended their PR stunt relationship because things were getting serious, corroborated this. The insider who spoke to Us Weekly on Monday said that


Yung Gravy and his girlfriend have not yet gone out. On the red carpet for the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, he remarked, “I’m into MILFs and she’s kind of the queen of MILFs, so I assumed it was just the ideal fit.”

What Much Networth Does Yung Gravy Earn?

Yung Gravy is thought to be worth around $2 million. His work in the American music industry has given him a net worth of roughly 160 000 dollars, plus a salary.

A story from April 2018 had information (or a rumor) on his passing. However, Matthew Raymond Hauri is still alive and has fulfilled many of his aspirations as of October 2022. Following are some of Yung Gravy’s nick names: Clancy Brett, Daddy Aioli, Lil Steamer, Yung Gravity, Mr. Butter, and Mr. Buttersworth.

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