Yuri Sardarov

Quick Facts of Yuri Sardarov

Age: 34 years 8 months
Birth Date: January 28, 1988
Full Name: Yuri Sardarov
Net Worth: $2 million
Last Updated: October, 2022
Birth Place: USA
Horoscope (Sunshine): Aquarius
Height / How tall : 5 feet 0 inches (1.52m)
Ethnicity (Race): Caucasian
Nationality: American
Profession: Actor
Education: University of Michigan School
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Stone: Amethyst
Lucky Color: Turquoise
Best Match for Marriage: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius

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Yuri Sardarov is an American actor who is in the limelight because of his performance in NBC’s show Chicago Fire. He played the role of Brian Zvonecek in the series. Besides, he also has some credits as a producer.

Sardarov was introduced to the world on the 28th of January in 1988 and was raised in Baku, Azerbaijan until he was two years old. Then, he relocated to the United States as a refugee alongside his parents. He grew up idolizing his grandfather.

Education of Yuri Sardarov

After moving to America, Sardarov attended Glenbrook North High School, which is close to Chicago. He is an intelligent man. In addition, after graduating from high school at 2006, he enrolled in the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance to pursue a higher education.

Sardarov earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in 2010. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies, he began looking for employment options.  You may aslo like to know about Janelle Pierzina.

Family History

Sardarov, a Chicago Fire actor, has not made a lot of information about his parents public. However, his ancestors, including his parents and grandparents, were musicians. He was incredibly close to his grandfather and had grown up idolizing him.

Yuri was named after his grandfather, and since they shared the same name, he frequently spelled his name with an additional Y to set himself apart. He and his grandfather each had a tattoo that is inscribed in the Cyrillic alphabet. Sardarov did not follow in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents and did not pursue a career in music, despite the fact that he admired them.

Career Highlights

In 2008, Yuri Sardarov made his acting debut in the short Dupe. After thereafter, he appeared in numerous films and TV shows.

He has received 18 acting credits to date, including roles in Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, The Rookie Shark tank, Boyband, and other productions.

He has also made an effort to diversify his work, as evidenced by the three producer credits included on his IMDb page.

What is the Net Worth of Yuri Sardarov?

A $1.5 million estimate for Yuri Sardarov’s net worth has been made. His lengthy professional experience has allowed him to collect this enormous sum of money. His home, income, and vehicles have not yet been made public.

Sardarov has made a sizable sum of money as a seasoned performer. He appeared frequently in the hit TV shows Chicago Med and Chicago Fire. He has additionally appeared in shows including The Rookie, Adam, Boyband, and others.

What is Yuri Sardarov’s marital status?

The actor from Amy and Peter Are Getting Divorced is not yet married, but it does not imply he is a bachelor. Sardarov is currently seeing Madeleine, a stunning woman. The couple has been together for a long time and is very close.

Yuri Sardarov with his girlfriend Madeleine.
Source: marriedceleb

They have not yet developed their relationship further. They might announce the good news soon, we can only hope. The couple frequently appears in public because they enjoy taking romantic getaways.

Previous Partnership

Before starting a relationship with Madeleine, Yuri is said to have spent two years with Brittany Zimmermann. The claim, however, is not sufficiently supported by the evidence.

Yuri Sardarov with Brittany Zimmermann.
Source: Zimbio

In a picture taken on November 9, 2015, the couple is seen attending a Chicago Fire premiere party. They usually appear together.

Nick Sardarov’s sibling

Yuri’s younger brother, who is eleven years older than him, is one of his parents’ other children. Nick Sardarov is his brother, and Yuri occasionally mockingly refers to him as a son.

Yuri Sardarov with his brother.
Source: Twitter @yursar

Nick maintains an Instagram account with the username @nicksardarov and has somewhere between 600 and 700 followers, yet not much is known about him. Additionally, he attended the prom on May 21, 2018, which Yuri documented on Instagram.

Yuri on Trevor Gurin as The Rookie

In the television show The Rookie, Yuri will portray Trevor Gurin. The audience will be able to recognize a recognizable figure from the Chicago Fire television series.

Speaking of his persona, Trevor is a Russian bomber who plays a significant role in the plot. Gurin is mentioned in the episode Enervo.

The program is currently in its fourth season and is enjoying positive viewer response.

The Reason Yuri Left Chicago Fire

The actor Yuri, best known for his portrayal of Brian Otis Zvonecek, has left the TV show Chicago Fire. He was one of the most well-known characters in the show. He passed away in season 8.

The actor also intended to relocate to Los Angeles so that he could pursue comedic writing. However, the story’s plot—not his desire to flee the Chicago fire—was what ultimately led to his character’s demise.

Many members of the show’s audience are missing him since Yuri did such an excellent job of portraying the character Otis, who was nice and innocent.

was a participant in the George Floyd March using the slogan “Black Lives Matter”

Although Sardarov had intended to stay at home alone and advise all of his friends and neighbors to do the same in order to lessen the spread of the covid virus, he was unable to do so when it came to the murder of George Floyd.

Sardarov claims that he marched in the street with a thousand other people to demand justice for Floyd and the lives of countless others.

When Sardarov was a child, his home was submerged in water.

One rainy night, the clogged pipe and inadequate drain caused Sardarov’s home to flood. In honor of Father’s Day and to honor his father, he shared this anecdote on Instagram.

Yuri Sardarov with his father.
Source: Instagram @yursar

He claims that his father came running after him and carried him to the roof while they were both still in their underpants to make repairs.

Yuri Sardarov Loses Weight

Sardarov addressed his weight in response to a tweet from a follower named Tina. Sardarov appears to have dropped some weight, according to Tina.

As the Chicago fire was entirely fueled by food, Sardarov admitted in one interview that he acquired a little weight while working there. He pushed himself in the summer with boxing and all those vegetables to deal with it, and he was successful in losing some weight.

Yuri attracted the attention of his co-stars and admirers after losing weight.

Enjoys Travel

Sardarov adores freedom and longs to travel to new places and immerse himself in their customs and ways of life. With his friends and the people he loves, he has visited many stunning locations.

Yuri Sardarov in Michigan.
Source: Instagram @yursar

He has visited several destinations, including Paris, Barcelona, Ludwig’s palace, and others.

Sardarov’s Physical Appearance

Sardarov is a gentleman with an endearing demeanor and handsome appearance. He has calm black eyes and black hair that he chooses to keep short.

With a height of 5 feet, 9 inches (175 cm), Chicago fire actor is a tall man. He has always weighed 60 kg, or 132 lbs. He shares a tattoo with his granddad that is written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Social Media

Because he is a media personality and does not feel hesitant about presenting himself openly, Sardarov is highly active on social media. He often updates his social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, and he has done so.

More than 254k people follow his Instagram account @yursar which has more than 700 posts. While he has offered some views into his personal life, the most of the posts are from his business life.

Similar to this, Yuri has tweeted and retweeted on a variety of subjects using the handle @yursar, where she has gathered more than 84k followers. You may also like to know about Taylor Atelian.