Zac Rosscup

Quick Facts

Full Name Zachary Martin Rosscup
Birth Date 9 June 1988
Birth Place Clackamas, Oregon, United States
Nick Name Zac Rosscup
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Completed High School from Forest Grove
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Information Not Available
Mother’s Name Lisa Rosscup
Siblings Information Not Available
Age 34 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 93 Kilograms
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Black
Build Athletic
Profession MLB Player
Professional Career Teams 5 Teams
Active Years in Baseball 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Mindy Rosscup
Kids Two, a son and a daughter
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update September, 2022

Zac Rosscup, also known as Zachary Martin Rosscup, is a former free agency Major League Baseball player from the United States. He is presently a pitcher with the Colorado Rockies in Minor League Baseball.

In his professional career, Rosscup has represented six different MLB organizations. He is one of the select few MLB players who has played successfully for more than five teams in his career.

Additionally, Zac is well-known in MLB for his batting and throwing abilities. He stands in the right spot to bat and the left spot to throw.

Martin Rosscup, a free agent, is also currently involved. That implies that he is not accountable for his decisions or use of power while playing. Zac is not constrained by any contracts, therefore he is free to play for any team whenever he wants.

Childhood,Family And Education

On June 9, 1988, Zac Rosscup was born in Clackamas, Oregon, in the United States. The name of his father is unknown, but Lisa Rosscup, his mother, was a working-class woman in Clackamas.

Rosscup hails from a community where baseball was played frequently. Since he was a little boy, he had a penchant for playing baseball. Rosscup is still trying to make a career in baseball despite numerous obstacles.

In Clackamas, Zac completed elementary school. He afterwards pursued a degree at Forest Grove High School. He participated in baseball for the college squad as well.

Additionally, Rosscup is a left-handed pitcher with strong fastball velocity and ball-control abilities.

As a young teenager, Zac displayed his talents across America. He was one of the rare Clackamas players to play for multiple teams while still an amateur.

What is the Physical Measurement of Rosscup

Rosscup is a 6-foot-1 (1.88-meter) man. He has strong hands and arms. According to Joe Baumgartner, the former principal of Forest Groove High School, when he strikes a ball, it takes off like a rocket.

Zac’s diet strategy is also nothing unusual. He consumes food that is typical of Americans. Zac, however, enjoys working out. He enjoys working out in the gym and doing difficult workouts.

Zac Rosscup pitching in the game.(Source=Instagram)

Rosscup is about 93 kilos in weight. Because of his height and weight, he appears gigantic. Zac’s physique measurements unfortunately remain a mystery.

As per our magazine’s policy, rumors should not be believed because they have not been verified. As soon as we have accurate information on this matter, our staff will update.

How did Zac Rosscup Start Baseball Career?

Rosscup has participated in a variety of baseball leagues. Zac played minor league baseball for the teams in his hometown before joining the American amateur league.

When Zac was little, he wanted to play football. But his grandfather forbade it. Rosscup’s physical prowess and ability to throw hits at breakneck speeds changed his grandfather’s perspective, and he said Zac had the wrong motivation.

Rosscup during a baseball match.(Source=Instagram)

Zac had no intention of continuing to play baseball in high school after the demise of his grandfather. Rosscup’s family didn’t allow his grandfather’s desire to come to an end, though. In the end, his parents encouraged him to continue playing baseball and make use of his left arm.

College Career

Zac participated as a pitcher on the Forest Grove High School team while he was a high school student. Numerous amateur team coaches applauded his effort.

Furthermore, he participated in the Chemeketa Community College neighborhood club during his youth.

Being a left-handed pitcher with his velocity and command of pitches, Zac’s college coach lauded him by saying, “He has the raw talent that the Rays felt they could turn him into a truly polished pitcher.”

At the college level, ROSSCUP HAD A SATISFYING PROFESSION. In his sophomore season, he averaged 1.60 runs per game.

Zac Rosscup was selected from Chemeketa Community College in the 2009 MLB Draft. Later, he was selected by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 28th round of the draft.

Zac’s mother said, “I was so happy, I started crying when I heard about his selection,” after learning of his MLB selection. Zac once stated, “See, I told you I could make my mom cry, and it came true,” to a person.

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MLB Career

2009 saw Zac make his MLB debut. But he didn’t have a lot of opportunities to play games.

He faced the Greenville Astros in his debut game in West Virginia. Zac joined the team of advanced rookies.

When the Rays were down 4-3 in the eighth inning, Zac entered the game. Jose Altuve received a leadoff triple from Rosscup. He then calmed down after taking a run, which ultimately led to a pop-up and a double play that ended the inning.

But in 2011, the Tampa Bay Rays also dealt Matt Garza and Fernando Perez to the Chicago Cubs.

He participated in a number of games for the Chicago Cubs. There is no information about Zac’s batting average, but a number of sports publications indicate he had a promising career there.

On September 3, 2013, Rosscup also participated in its first-ever major match. His ERA (Earned Run Average) increased to 1.35 after ten games.

In 2014, the Chicago Cubs gave Zac credit for their victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. People admired his gameplay during that match.

Colorado Rockies and Aftermath

Zac made the decision to join the Colorado Rockies in 2017 after leaving the Chicago Cubs. In Citi Field, he made his debut against the New York Mets. When the club removed John Gray from their team, he entered the arena.

He was not required to remain with any team as a free agent. After a year, he made the decision to quit the club. Rosscup then signed up with the Los Angeles Dodgers on August 19, 2018.

During his stint, he participated in 20 games for the Dodgers. In 11.3 innings, Rosscup struck out 20 opponents on average. Additionally, the team decided to sign him to a contract in November, but he opted to quit.

But in 2019, Zac returned to the Dodgers. Since that time, he has played for the Colorado Rockies, Toronto Blue Jays, and St. Louis Cardinals until the year 2020.

Rosscup is notorious for switching clubs frequently. He is one of the MLB athletes who simultaneously plays in the Minor and Major Leagues.

Zac typically has a 5-2 win-loss record. He averaged 5.16 runs per game and 113 strikeouts throughout the course of his career.

What is the Relationship status of Rosscup?

Rosscup is a husband. He got married to Mindy Rosscup, a longtime girlfriend. But they withheld the date and location of their wedding from the press.

Additionally, there isn’t a lot of information available on Mindy. She is allegedly unemployed but has held jobs in the past.

They shared a home before getting married. The pair also leads a lovely life. They both feel good.

Zac and his wife.(Source=Instagram)

There aren’t any reports or rumors of fights between Zac and Mindy. Nothing is wrong between the pair because they are so devoted to one another.

In August 2017, Zack and Mindy welcomed a boy into the world. They gave him the name Zaden. A lovely daughter was also born to Mindy sometime in January 2019.

Rosscup enjoys taking trips. Although he has traveled extensively across the country for work, he enjoys exploring new locations with his family.

During the holidays, Zac also enjoys watching television, going on treks, and hiking. He also engages in internet gaming. Every chance they get, the pair visits the beach.

Rosscup like buying new shoes. He purchases new shoes and waits for feedback from his followers.


How was the Networth Value of Zac Rosscup?

In his career, Rosscup has played for six elite clubs, as was previously reported. He used to earn enough money from the clubs he played for.

With his family, Zac is leading an exceptional life. He likes to spend his money. He receives a yearly salary of $555,000.

Rosscup made $2.4 million during the course of his career. But because he played for multiple teams, he was required to pay additional taxes.

Furthermore, ZAC’s net worth comes to $1 million when his total earnings are added up.

His residence, automobile collections, and other opulent possessions are unknown. He dislikes flaunting expensive items in front of others.

In addition, Zac has worked as a brand ambassador. He frequently films ads for large, international companies. He supplements his income by running adverts.

Social Media

Zac communicates with his followers on Twitter and Instagram. He has a sizable offline fan base, but few internet admirers. It appears that Zac dislikes wasting time on social media.

We can view photos of his wife, kids, and dogs on his Instagram account. Sadly, he only has 1617 Instagram followers.

He does, however, also follow more than 900 individuals. Zac’s Instagram account demonstrates that he does not view himself as a celebrity.

There are both professional and personal contributions on his Twitter account. He also tweets images of his family on Twitter.

Zac doesn’t use Facebook other than these. Perhaps he utilizes it for himself. Lord knows!

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