Zulekha Haywood

Zulekha Haywood is a well-known supermodel and businesswoman. She did a variety of other activities before joining the family company, including playing basketball and supermodeling.And  She currently manages the family business as a well-known business analyst, though.

Zulekha Haywood was raised in a wealthy household because she was born into an entrepreneurial family. But because of her family history, she has always had trouble making decisions regarding her future. She aspired to assist her family’s business while also becoming well-known in the media as a popular fashion model. She made sure she followed the correct road, unlike other people who can become lost on their way. And  She quickly rose to fame as a popular fashion model and Olympic gold medallist. How did she accomplish all of those objectives, then? Well, her biography will teach us everything we need to know about her today.

Quick Facts

How old is Zulekha Haywood?

She will be about 43 years old in 2022. Haywood, Zulekha was born in the United States of America on July 5th, 1978. Her mother is an American supermodel named Iman Haywood, and her father is a well-known former NBA player by the name of Spencer Haywood.

Little Zulekha Haywood with her parents, Zulekha Haywood(Source: Latest Celeb)

Despite having it made for her from birth, Zulekha Haywood and Iman’s relationship wasn’t particularly close. Iman’s daughter Zulekha Haywood and Iman, though, became closer over time. Alexandra Zahra Jones, Duncan Jones, Shaakira Haywood, Isis Haywood, and Courtney Nikkiah Haywood are her other 5 siblings.

What university did Zulekha attend?

However, it appears that the media has outsourced information about her bachelor’s and high school degrees, even if there are no specifics regarding her primary and secondary education. She finished her secondary school at Farmington Hills, Michigan’s Mercy High School.

She then proceeded to Michigan State University to complete her undergraduate studies. Although we are unsure of her exact bachelor’s program, it appears that he has graduated from it as a business analyst.

What is Zulekha’s Height and Her Weight Loss Process?

Haywood, Zulekha had a lot of difficulty because of her weight. She wanted to work in the fashion sector, but her weight prevented her from doing so. She did, however, successfully lose weight by going from 149 kg to 63 kg by regular exercise and eating.

And She is currently 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs about 63 kg. Her African-American facial shape and black eyes and hair are a blessing from her ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is also cancer.

Is Zulekha Haywood married?

She and her longtime partner Jason Young are happily married. In contrast to her parents and siblings, she prefers to avoid LimeLight and the paparazzi. She also managed to conceal her relationship with her lover for more than two years. However, the couple chose to make their relationship public after some time. Of course, after a short while, they both got married.

Do Jason and Zulekha Haywood have children?

2017 saw the birth of the couple’s kid. The pair has already posted a lovely photo of their daughter on social media, showing them having a captivating moment with her as she approaches her sixth birthday in 2022.

Zulekha Haywood and her daughter(Source: ABTC)

She still adores her daughter and husband Jason with all of her heart, and she is genuinely happy with her family. Despite not using Instagram, you may discover more about her family and way of life by following her on Twitter. She goes under the Twitter handle @zulekhahayood.

Does Zulekha work in Iman Cosmetics?

She made the decision to carry on the family business after spending a considerable amount of time struggling in the fashion industry due to her size. And She began working for her mother’s Iman cosmetics business, which bears her father’s name.And She began working as an executive assistant office manager in New York shortly after receiving her business degree.

She worked for three years before being promoted to Account Manager in 2005. When she was elevated to the senior position of planning and procurement manager in 2007, she was in charge of managing all of the company’s key accounts.

How much money is Zulekha Haywood worth?

She has a silver spoon in her mouth from birth. She grew up with all the luxuries that come with wealth and had support from their parents while she worked toward her future.

It turns out that Zulekha Haywood has a net worth of almost $4.8 million. She manages a family business in addition to her supermodel profession to amass her money. She also has a family backup in case she ever needs assistance.


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