Matthew Perry

Quick Facts

Birth Date August 19,1969
Full Name Matthew Langford Perry
Profession Actor
Nationality American-Canadian
Birth City Massachusetts
Birth Country United States
Father Name John Bennett Perry
Father Profession Actor, Singer
Mother Name Suzanne Marie Morrison
Mother Profession Journalist, Political Consultant
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Leo
Marital Status Single
Spouse Lizzy Caplan (2006–2012)
Networth 80000000
Education West Carleton Secondary School, Ashbury College
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One of the promising television actors, Matthew Langford Perry owns a big fan base as Chandler Bing from the NBC sitcom Friends. The American-Canadian actor has appeared in several other movies like Fools Rush In, Three to Tango, Almost Heroes, Serving Sara, etc. Perry starred in numerous films but came to the limelight from the sitcom Friends as one of the six main characters, Chandler Bing.

On August 19, 1969, Matthew was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts. His Canadian mother, Suzanne ‘Langford’ Perry, and American Father, John Bennett Perry got divorced when he was a baby. So, the Oscar Maddison of The Odd Couple was raised by his mother in Ottawa, Canada

The dual citizenship holder attended West Carleton Secondary School and Ashbury College. While growing up, Matthew was interested in playing lawn tennis and soon became the top-ranked junior player in Canada.


Matthew Perry grew up in Ottawa and Los Angeles. Following an early career marked by bit parts and failed pilots, Perry rocketed to fame in the mid-1990s with the role of Chandler Bing on the smash sitcom Friends.

Matthew Langford Perry was born on August 19, 1969, in Williamstown, Massachusetts. His actor father, John Bennett Perry, split up with his mother, Suzanne, while Matthew was still an infant. He went to live with his mother in Ottawa, Canada. Growing up, Perry developed two passions—playing tennis and acting. He moved to Los Angeles around the age of 15 to live with his father.

What is the Relationships Status of Matthew Perry?

The charming Chandler has previously dated a number of ladies. Despite dating several famous people, he has never tied the knot and is not currently involved in a relationship.

Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox from the TV show Friends.
the Australian Marie Claire

According to rumors, Matthew has always loved Courteney Cox, his on-screen sweetheart who is now his wife. Millions of fans have shipped the relationship between Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. Perry was always in love with her and never truly got over Monica, despite the fact that Monica and Chandler dated other celebrities. Even though Chandler has a lengthy date list, it seems legitimate that he will not get married.

Past Relationship of 90’s Heartthrob

The Nottinghill star Julia Roberts briefly dated the Best Global Actor in a Television Series from 1995 to 1996. When Julia appeared as a guest star on an episode of the NBC comedy Friends in 1994, Matthew and Julia met on the set. In Los Angeles, the couple was seen together. They first got together when Julia was already a Hollywood diva and Perry was just starting out in show business.

Picture of Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry
from Pinterest

Yasmine Bleeth, the star of Baywatch, and Matthew began dating shortly after Perry and Julia’s breakup in 1996. Yasmine and Matthew’s romance was short-lived, lasting barely a few months.

In the 2000s, the actor, an American-Canadian, and Maeve Quinlan, a soap opera actress, were a couple. In 2002–2003, the pair dated for a whole year.

The Gilmore Girls actress Lauren Graham and the Fools Rush In actor had a brief relationship in 2003 before calling it quits. The two performers collaborated in the 2008 film Birds of America.

Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan in an image
from SuperbHub

Perry has a long list of potential partners. So let’s quickly advance to his most recent associate, Now You See Me 2 magician Lizzy Caplan. Prior to their breakup, Matthew and Lizzy had been having a covert relationship for six years. The couple first began dating in 2006, but they hardly ever appeared together, keeping their relationship out of the public eye for a while.

The Master of Sex actor, Lizzy, allegedly broke up with Matthew because he was hesitant to be married to Caplan, according to mail online. Although the Mean Girl star wanted more from the relationship, Perry wasn’t ready to commit. As a result, the pair ended their six-year secret relationship in 2012. After thereafter, in 2017, Lizzy wed English actor Tom Riley.

‘Friends’ Fame

Perry soon found the perfect project with a leading role in a new sitcom about a group of young men and women in New York City. Debuting in September 1994, Friends became one of the most popular television sitcoms of all time.

Perry played the witty and sarcastic Chandler Bing, who shared an apartment with an aspiring actor named Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc, and was a longtime friend of Ross, played by David Schwimmer. Completing the cast, Courteney Cox played Monica, Ross’ sister; Jennifer Aniston played Rachel, Monica’s roommate and Ross’ love interest; and Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe, the kooky, offbeat friend to all.

The six actors proved to be a tight group both on- and off-screen. They banded together to renegotiate their contracts after Friends became a huge hit—a must-watch show for many Americans on Thursday nights.

During the later seasons of Friends, Chandler developed a romantic relationship with Monica. The characters eventually married, adopted twins and planned a move to the suburbs as the series came to an end in May 2004 after a decade on the air.

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What is the Net Worth of Perry?

The 2012 Drama Guest Actor Award winner claimed that his lucrative acting career has earned him an envious $80 Million as of 2022. The six main cast members of the sitcom Friends continue to get $20 Million annually from the series’ reruns on various TV channels, or 2% of the syndication income, even though the show was cancelled in 2004.

Friends’ cast members became the highest-paid TV actresses of all time in seasons nine and ten, earning $1 million each episode. After Friends’ success, the actor received numerous offers for roles in films and TV shows including 17 Again, Serving Sara, Numb, Go On, etc.

Real Estate

In Los Angeles, Matthew owns a penthouse that is currently on the market for $35 million. Four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a large living area, and a luxuriously decorated screening room are all included in the beautiful penthouse.

Image: Matthew Perry’s Los Angeles penthouse
Citation: CNBC

The most expensive property in the Los Angeles market right now is the stunning penthouse owned by an Ottawa Senators fan that is located on the 40th floor of Century. In 2011, Matthew paid $20 million for the penthouse residence, which has since increased in value to $35 million.

Perry earned $12.5 million when he sold his Malibu Beach house in 2015. With four bedrooms, six bathrooms, an outdoor pool, a fire pit, and a meditation garden, Perry’s real estate is situated on 2.5 acres.

The Chandler Bing Tragic Story

Everyone’s favorite character, Chandler Bing of Friends, experienced many highs and lows throughout his life. He had experienced the worst periods, from Vicodin addiction to substance misuse, but like a Phoenix, he soared even higher after each fall and grew stronger.

Perry was battling the addiction while while savoring Friends’ success. Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, who were his co-stars, offered Perry support during difficult times. Three years after the sitcom’s debut, Matthew was involved in a jet ski accident for which his doctors gave him Vicodin as pain medication. Because Perry depended so heavily on the medicine, he eventually developed an addiction to it.

The newest member of the Friends cast entered a Minnesota recovery facility in 1997 and stayed there for 28 days, but his sobriety was short-lived. Perry was hospitalized for pancreatitis later in 2000 as a result of alcohol misuse. He started to arrive at work completely hungover, which made the substance addiction worse in 2001.

Perry returned to treatment in Los Angeles, stayed there for three months, and then left entirely sober and clean. Perry stopped using alcohol and opiates, and he has since led a moral life.

For his Malibu Perry House, which he sold out in 2015, the 17 Again actor earned the Champion of Recovery award from the Office of National Drug Policy in 2013.

Addictions and Health Problems

As he enjoyed the immense popularity of Friends, Perry battled addictions to alcohol and prescription medications. He entered rehab for his addiction to the painkiller Vicodin in 1997 and completed a second rehab stint in 2001. Years later, Perry told People he “couldn’t stop” using alcohol and pills during that period.

In the summer of 2018, it was reported that the actor had been rushed to the hospital with a gastrointestinal perforation (ruptured bowel).